Porta-Pak® Lavender Breeze


Holding Tank Deodorizer & Portion Control System

Powerful odor control in any climate!

The #1 portion control product around the world, now available in a fresh lavender scent. The pre-packaged water-soluble packet controls odors, breaks down waste and paper, and lubricates valves and seals. Just drop it in!

  • Unbeatable odor prevention
  • Convenient zipper bag for easy storage
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Biodegradable
CUstomer Reviews


“These work wonderfully! The lavender scent is subtle in the bathroom, so the RV does not smell like a porta-john, with fake sweet / fruit scents clearly masking something worse. We found the right combo is two packets for the black tank, and one for the gray tank. Fill the toilet (or sink for gray tank) with water, dissolve packets within a minute by stirring (gloves and disposable utensil recommended) and then flush with an additional ~2 gallons of water.



“Received mine in the mail only days after ordering. I also ordered the pine scent because I wanted to compare. I can only get the blue ‘fresh scent locally’ but wanted something different and maybe even more effective.

The green pine packs don’t smell like pine to me. But the lavender scent,, VERY lavender! And it’s a pretty correct and true to scent smell. Not a chemically wierd smell with a scent added to mask the chemicals. (Like the pine, IMO.

No more stinky pipes in my horse trailer!! The lavender is very strong smelling just FYI, if you open up the pack to treat grey tank pipes like I did. Just incase the funk I was smelling was partially from there. (I ran out of the blue stuff from the RV supply store, and treatment was very needed). What an improvement.

Now, I won’t have to be embarrassed if someone needs to come in and use my shower or toilet this weekend at the poker ride!”



“I have used these Porta-Pak’s in my travel trailer for years. They do the job. I have never had any problems with clogs. They help keep my sensor’s clean. The aroma is pleasant and not over powering. I highly recommend.



“This is my third time ordering these, sometimes I try another brand but these are the best by far!


Frequently Asked Questions

We suggest adding a minimum of 1.25 gallons of water for every 10 gallons of holding tank volume. So for a 40-gallon holding tank, we recommend using at least 5 gallons of water. After dumping and on an empty tank, drop a Porta-Pak in the toilet and pour the required water volume to the holding tank. Ample water dissolves the packet and helps disperse the active ingredients throughout the holding tank.

For short term use, Porta-Pak is safe for septic use. However, for long term septic tank dumping, we recommend switching to Bio-Pak, an enzyme-based product that is entirely septic-safe.

Porta-Pak and Bio-Pak are both black holding tank deodorizers. However, Porta-Pak, a chemical-based product, eliminates foul smells by stopping the growth of odor-causing bacteria. In contrast, Bio-Pak eliminates foul odors by digesting odor-causing bacteria, waste, and paper in the tank. Bio-Pak’s formula uses natural enzymes to be 100% safe for septic systems and all campgrounds. Porta-Pak is better at odor control in hotter climates. If you’re unsure which product to use, call us at 800-338-3155, and we’ll be happy to help you.

Porta-Pak is a black tank deodorizer meant for weekly usage. With ample water in your holding tank and consistent use of Porta-Pak, your sensors should remain clean. To clean residual waste and tissue buildup on tank walls and sensors, we recommend our Commando Black Holding Tank Cleaner.

Drop a Porta-Pak down your toilet every time you refill your tank with water after dumping. How often you do that depends on usage, but typically campers dump about once a week. After you dump, drop one Porta-Pak packet into five gallons of water for a 40-gallon tank. If you have a smaller tank, we recommend 1.25 gallons of water for every 10 gallons of holding tank area. Adding ample water is crucial because it allows waste and paper to fall below the waterline enabling the formula to work its magic.

Yes. Although Porta-Pak was designed explicitly for black holding tanks, you can use Porta-Pak in your grey water tanks. However, for consistent Grey water tank sanitation and odor control, we make a product called Elemonate, formulated to destroy grey tank buildup like organic sludge, grease, and food particles. Elemonate also comes in a very pleasing Lemon fragrance.

Yes, if your waste is pumped into a treatment facility. However, we recommend using Bio-Pak for your boat’s toilet because it deodorizes and digests waste and paper using natural enzymes.

No. Porta-Pak’s powerful formula is designed to eliminate foul odors without the need for agitation.

No. Porta-Pak is a chemical-based product. Bio-Pak is an enzyme-based product. When mixing the two, the chemicals may inhibit the enzymes from working correctly.

Yes, Porta-Pak is useful in all climates.

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12 bags per case, 10 sachets per bag

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12 bags per case, 10 sachets per bag

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