August 10,2020

Keep life on the road fresh with Porta-Pak

Porta-Pak – Two great fragrances – Fresh Scent and Lavender Breeze

Holding Tank Deodorizer & Portion Control System

The #1 portion control product around the world. The pre-packaged water-soluble packet controls odors, breaks down waste and paper, and lubricates valves and seals. Don’t set out on your next adventure without Porta-Pak.  Just drop it in!

  • Unbeatable odor prevention
  • Convenient zipper bag for easy storage
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Biodegradable

Hear from our customers:

★★★★★  “Some seemed fine until summer came along and oh boy”
“Since losing our home in the May 19, 2013 tornado in Oklahoma, we decided to buy an RV to live in before instead of rushing right into major decisions. It’s a big adjustment and not knowing a lot about various products; I’ve tried many. Some worked short term. Some seemed fine until summer came along and oh boy, that really tests these products! This is the only one I found that we have absolutely no odor problems with and as long as I put two in when we first empty the tank, then one every 4-5 days, we can go (with two of us), almost three weeks before having to empty the tank and have no odor. These things are great and I’d recommend them to anyone who can’t stay hooked up to sewage to keep your bathroom odor free. I’m totally sold! Great product!”

★★★★★  “Simple and Easy!”
“After each black tank dump, I just put a gallon or two of clean water back into the tank and drop one of these packets in and voila!, no odors until the next time the tank needs dumping. I’ve never experienced any odors in our RV while using this product.”

★★★★★  “Breathe easy, they work!”
“Wow. This stuff works great. I have a small camper and I have a 5-gallon bucket with a toilet seat (also purchased on Amazon) that I use for a potty. I put kitty litter (in a trash bag, of course) and one of these deodorizer packets in the bucket and that sits inside a small privacy tent which is my camping “outhouse”. These deodorizer packets kept things fresh smelling the entire time. If these worked under those conditions then they’ll work anywhere. I definitely recommend this product.”