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How to Keep Portable Restrooms from Smelling During Summer

Make these five changes to prevent odors when the weather heats up Switch to a Hot-Weather Deodorizer Like Porta-Pak Max or PT-50 Supreme Bacteria thrive in the summer heat, making odor control more challenging. To combat this, switch to a more concentrated deodorizer like Porta-Pak Max or PT-50 Supreme. Porta-Pak Max is the strongest drop-in deodorizer on the market, with 50% more color, 50% more odor control, and double the fragrance of the original Porta-Pak. PT-50 Supreme is the industry's most potent super-concentrate liquid deodorizer,…

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Permanently patch your equipment with Porta-Patch, the Instant Repair Patch.
Porta-Patch is a UV light-activated fiberglass reinforced self-adhesive repair patch that works on your portables, holding tanks, trailers, pipes–the opportunities are endless. It cures in 15 to 30 minutes in sunlight (or five minutes with…

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