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The 5 Essential Products New Portable Restroom Operators Need

Starting a portable restroom business is a venture that promises growth and opportunities, particularly in today's dynamic event and construction landscapes. However, newcomers to this industry often face the initial challenge of optimizing their startup budget, focusing on acquiring only the most essential products to ensure operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Understanding this, Walex presents a tailored selection of five products designed to meet the core needs of new PROs, ensuring a smooth kickstart to your business with…

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Permanently patch your equipment with Porta-Patch, the Instant Repair Patch.
Porta-Patch is a UV light-activated fiberglass reinforced self-adhesive repair patch that works on your portables, holding tanks, trailers, pipes–the opportunities are endless. It cures in 15 to 30 minutes in sunlight (or five minutes with…

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