How do I get rid of the black tank pyramid?

A black tank pyramid refers to the buildup of waste and paper in your RV's black holding tank, and it can put a significant damper on your RV travels. Waste buildup fills your RV with foul odors and is a pain to remove—without the right products. Here's how you can prevent a pyramid from forming or eliminate one if it does.

Don't leave your black tank valve open when you're hooked up at a site.

If you allow your tank to drain gradually, the liquids will pass through while the solids build up in a solid pyramid. To thoroughly dump the contents of your tank, you need the assistance of gravity. Keep the valve closed until the tank is 2/3 full, and then dump it. 

Use an enzyme-based deodorizer.

Enzymes digest waste and paper, so using a deodorizer with powerful enzymes will keep the contents of your black tank from solidifying. Walex's Bio-Pak is an enzyme-based formula contained in a rapid-dissolving water-soluble packet. When flushed down into the tank, the enzymes go to work immediately, breaking down buildup and deodorizing in the process. 

Use an enzyme-based black tank cleaner.

If you suspect a waste pyramid has formed in your black holding tank, you need to use Commando. Commando's innovative formula is packed with enough enzymes to restore your black holding tank to good-as-new, no scrubbing or agitation required. Not only will it liquefy the waste and paper, but it will clean tank walls and sensors, restoring the accuracy of your sensors. Here's how to use it:

  1. Empty your tank, rinse out any chemical residue, close your dump valve, drop one Commando packet into the toilet, and flush
  2. Then fill your holding above your highest sensor or completely full. 
  3. Leave it in for a minimum of 12 hours. Commando is formulated to work in as little as 12 to 24 hours for those in a hurry, but it will not hurt your tank to leave it in longer, several days, for more stubborn holding tank issues or clogs. 
  4. Empty your tank. Rinse again. You can now add your deodorizer, refill with 1.25 gallons of water for every 10 gallons of holding tank capacity and continue using the toilet.

You can use Commando to destroy existing buildup or preventatively every three months to control buildup from forming.

Happy adventuring!

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Our area is expected to experience effects of Tropical Storm Isaias tonight. For the safety of its employees, Walex is operating under revised hours:

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Coronavirus Update

Dear customers,

As we weather the anxiety and uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, please know that your Walex team is working as hard as we can to fulfill your orders. We've recently experienced an unusually high demand for products like hand sanitizer that exceeds our supply. Still, we know that meeting your needs is paramount, as it impacts not only your business, but public health and safety worldwide.

Despite our diligent staff working around the clock, your shipment of hand sanitizer might be delayed. If you have questions about product availability or the status of your order, your account representatives are here to answer your questions at 800-338-3155.

We are grateful for your understanding and thankful for your loyalty through this challenging time. We’re proud to be part of such a hard-working, resilient industry, and together we will get through this.

Your friends at Walex

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Walex team! Just a reminder that we will be closing over the holidays to give our employees time with family and friends.

Holiday Hours:

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Walex Hires Design & Marketing Coordinator

We are pleased to introduce Emmy Errante as our newest team member and Design & Marketing Coordinator.

Errante has experience crafting brand stories from concept to execution, having previously worked as a graphic designer at a print agency and a marketing strategist at a digital agency. Her interest in storytelling also extends to nonfiction, having spent three years as a newspaper reporter. Errante spends her free time enjoying the natural beauty of her hometown—biking, surfing, or getting lost in a good novel.

As Design & Marketing Coordinator for Walex Products Company, she will devise and implement integrated marketing campaigns and manage Walex’s brand image across all communication platforms.

Welcome to the team, Emmy!

Walex's Growing Sales Team


We are pleased to introduce, Brian Rooney, as our newest team member and Regional Account Manager for the Midwest.


Brian Rooney

Midwest / Regional Account Manager
Direct: 910-859-4619
Office: 800-338-3155


Rooney spent the past 2 years as a Business Account Executive for Spectrum Business and was awarded Spectrum Champion and Top Sales Executive numerous times. In his new position, Brian says he’s “looking forward to not only helping my customers with their business needs but also getting to know them on a personal level.” He believes in building trust by creating personal connections to grow and maintain business.

As the Regional Account Manager, Rooney will spend time in our NC offices, along with traveling around his Midwest territory visiting current and potential customers, along with attending trade shows.

“We are extremely excited to welcome Brian to the Walex family,” says Corey Morton, sales manager at Walex. “He’s a great fit for our sales team. He not only brings a wealth of sales experience but is also a driven, enthusiastic, and natural people person.”

Welcome to the team, Brian!

Midwest Territory:

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Quality management: The Importance of ISO

What is ISO?

ISO is an international standardized system for managing the consistency of company resources, services, suppliers, and products in ways that are measurable and recordable allowing the company to continually improve its services, products, and systems. All systems, services, suppliers, and products have data supported standards and specifications that must be adhered to and continually monitored. ISO audits these systems once a year to look for short comings and lays out a frame work to improve on any shortcomings if found.

What does this mean for customers?

Performance Products for Performance needs has always been a moto for Walex Products Company. The introduction of an ISO management system will allow Walex to add rigidity to that moto and continually improve service to the customer. Delivery times, product consistency, and customer service will all be monitored to increase efficiency and consistency to the end user. Customers are Walex’s focus and this system will allow Walex to continually increase service and consistent top of the line products to our customers.

Why choose ISO?

Some may say ask the question of why choose to pursue a program like this. Let’s face it we are all human and we all make mistakes even when having the best intentions. If you have ever written a paper for school, a document for work, or an article for publication it is usually proofed by and editor or another person. Think of ISO as an editor. The ISO registrar is a third party that comes in and proofs Walex products systems and services to ensure we are following through with our own commitments so Walex’s customers are more than satisfied with the products and services they have purchased. Walex’s certification is a way to guarantee customers that they receive the service they expect because and outside entity has verified the company provides exactly what it states it will provide.

What does ISO mean for Walex?

ISO will benefit not only Walex Products customer base with better products and service but will have several internal benefits as well. ISO will lead to reduced mistakes, improved process monitoring, better efficiency, and improved customer communications. Walex is always looking to improve its products and services and an ISO system provides a tool box to improve measuring, monitoring, and analyzing its products and services so Walex can continue to better itself and increase customer satisfaction.