Walex makes eco-friendly deodorizers & cleaners

Walex's eco-friendly initiatives include recyclable packaging and enzyme-based formulas

On Earth Day each year, we recognize the importance of enjoying and protecting the environment. Because RVers spend countless days out of the year appreciating our planet's beauty, they are even more aware of the need to preserve it.

At Walex, we're doing our part by implementing several eco-friendly initiatives. We're switching to recyclable packaging for many of our products and striving to create formulas that maximize effectiveness while minimizing environmental impacts. 

Recyclable packaging

Earlier this year, Walex switched to a recyclable bag for our Bio-Active Septic Tank Treatment, and in doing so, became the first in our industry to use this type of eco-friendly packaging. We will also start packaging BIo-Pak in recyclable bags soon, and by the end of 2022, we plan to use recyclable packaging for our entire line of drop-ins.

Eco-friendly formulas

In addition to updating our packaging, Walex is also updating product formulas to ensure our products are 100% compliant with environmental regulations. Our PhD chemists have worked very hard to design an updated Porta-Pak formula that provides the powerful odor control you expect without the use of bronopol. 

Walex supports outdoor adventures all over the planet, and that means doing our part to protect that planet. We want to thank you for doing your part, as well.

Happy adventuring!