Porta-Pak® RV Fresh Scent

Holding Tank Deodorizer & Portion Control System

Powerful odor control in any climate!

The #1 portion control product around the world. The pre-packaged water-soluble packet controls odors, breaks down waste and paper, and lubricates valves and seals. Just drop it in!

  • Unbeatable odor prevention
  • Convenient zipper bag for easy storage
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Biodegradable


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About Porta-Pak® RV Fresh Scent

12 bags per case, 10 sachets per bag

  • “These work, and they work well. Plain and simple. My wife and I just moved into a 5th wheel full time. Stepping on that toilet pedal and opening that hole above the black water tank is no longer a concern. It was terrifying before we got these. They do an amazing job at eliminating the odor. As far as breaking waste and paper down, it seems like it’s doing the job as well. These work like magic, and that’s worth 5-stars to me.”
  • “Wow. This stuff works great. I have a small camper and I have a 5-gallon bucket with a toilet seat (also purchased on Amazon) that I use for a potty. I put kitty litter (in a trash bag, of course) and one of these deodorizer packets in the bucket and that sits inside a small privacy tent which is my camping “outhouse”. These deodorizer packets kept things fresh smelling the entire time. If these worked under those conditions then they’ll work anywhere. I definitely recommend this product.” -Ryan "I am no longer terrified of flushing our toilet. These work like magic."
  • “After each black tank dump, I just put a gallon or two of clean water back into the tank and drop one of these packets in and voila!, no odors until the next time the tank needs dumping. I’ve never experienced any odors in our RV while using this product.” "Breathe easy....they work!!"
  • “Since losing our home in the May 19, 2013 tornado in Oklahoma, we decided to buy an RV to live in before instead of rushing right into major decisions. It’s a big adjustment and not knowing a lot about various products; I’ve tried many. Some worked short term. Some seemed fine until summer came along and oh boy, that really tests these products! This is the only one I found that we have absolutely no odor problems with and as long as I put two in when we first empty the tank, then one every 4-5 days, we can go (with two of us), almost three weeks before having to empty the tank and have no odor. These things are great and I’d recommend them to anyone who can’t stay hooked up to sewage to keep your bathroom odor free. I’m totally sold! Great product!” -Debbie "Simple and Easy!"
  • This product is AMAZING! This WORKS! We use this product in our truck camper (wet bath) small space with previous BIG ODOR issues. I have tried 3 other products and none of them do the job of this small but MIGHTY, easy-to-use odor controlling pouch! Texas heat is scorching example: We don’t use the water heater at all during the summer. You may know where I’m going with this? The scorching heat also effects the black holding tank. All other products I’ve used in the past couldn’t control the odor. Problem SOLVED with WALEX PORTA-PAK! "Some seemed fine until summer came along and oh boy"

How much water should I add to my holding tank when using Porta-Pak?

We suggest adding a minimum of 1.25 gallons of water for every 10 gallons of holding tank volume. So for a 40-gallon holding tank, we recommend using at least 5 gallons of water. After dumping and on an empty tank, drop a Porta-Pak in the toilet and pour the required water volume to the holding tank. Ample water dissolves the packet and helps disperse the active ingredients throughout the holding tank.

Is Porta-Pak safe for my septic tank?

For short term use, Porta-Pak is safe for septic use. However, for long term septic tank dumping, we recommend switching to Bio-Pak, an enzyme-based product that is entirely septic-safe.

What is the difference between Porta-Pak and Bio-Pak?

Porta-Pak and Bio-Pak are both black holding tank deodorizers. However, Porta-Pak, a chemical-based product, eliminates foul smells by stopping the growth of odor-causing bacteria. In contrast, Bio-Pak eliminates foul odors by digesting odor-causing bacteria, waste, and paper in the tank. Bio-Pak’s formula uses natural enzymes to be 100% safe for septic systems and all campgrounds. Porta-Pak is better at odor control in hotter climates. If you’re unsure which product to use, call us at 800-338-3155, and we’ll be happy to help you.

Will Porta-Pak clean my sensors?

Porta-Pak is a black tank deodorizer meant for weekly usage. With ample water in your holding tank and consistent use of Porta-Pak, your sensors should remain clean. To clean residual waste and tissue buildup on tank walls and sensors, we recommend our Commando Black Holding Tank Cleaner.

How frequently should I use Porta-Pak?

Drop a Porta-Pak down your toilet every time you refill your tank with water after dumping. How often you do that depends on usage, but typically campers dump about once a week. After you dump, drop one Porta-Pak packet into five gallons of water for a 40-gallon tank. If you have a smaller tank, we recommend 1.25 gallons of water for every 10 gallons of holding tank area. Adding ample water is crucial because it allows waste and paper to fall below the waterline enabling the formula to work its magic.

Can I use Porta-Pak in my grey holding tank?

Yes. Although Porta-Pak was designed explicitly for black holding tanks, you can use Porta-Pak in your grey water tanks. However, for consistent Grey water tank sanitation and odor control, we make a product called Elemonate, formulated to destroy grey tank buildup like organic sludge, grease, and food particles. Elemonate also comes in a very pleasing Lemon fragrance.

Can I use this in my boat’s toilet?

Yes, if your waste is pumped into a treatment facility. However, we recommend using Bio-Pak for your boat’s toilet because it deodorizes and digests waste and paper using natural enzymes.

Does Porta-Pak require agitation to work?

No. Porta-Pak’s powerful formula is designed to eliminate foul odors without the need for agitation.

Can I use Porta-Pak and Bio-Pak together?

No. Porta-Pak is a chemical-based product. Bio-Pak is an enzyme-based product. When mixing the two, the chemicals may inhibit the enzymes from working correctly.

Can I use Porta-Pak in any climate?

Yes, Porta-Pak is useful in all climates.

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