Assure Odor Neutralizer & Fragrance Enhancer

Eliminate Odors on Contact!

Assure is the result of years of research into the elimination of airborne odors. Assure eliminates and reduces airborne air as a mist or direct to surface. The natural and organic formula is safe to use and non-toxic. Works with all types of portable and permanent atomizing systems and will not clog nozzles.

Assure Eliminates Odors:
Portable restrooms, trash receptacles, trailers, trucks… Spray Assure anywhere there’s odor!

Dilution Rate:
200 to 1


About Assure Odor Neutralizer & Fragrance Enhancer

Spray 3-5 sprays as needed of product into restroom or trailer and in or around urinal to eliminate odors.

Mountain Air, Meadow Breeze

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