July 02,2021

The Value of the RV Rental Business

RV travel is more popular than ever, and some of those RVs on the road are rented. The RV rental business is booming because it’s beneficial on all sides. For the renter, it’s a great way to experience the RV lifestyle before deciding to purchase an RV, and the leaser earns money off a pricy vehicle that would otherwise sit in their driveway. 

You might be thinking about trying out this unique method of travel for your next getaway. Or, like many RV owners, you might wish to see your RV getting more use when you aren’t on the road. If either of those scenarios applies, Walex Products Company, Inc. has you covered! We teamed up with RV renters and owners to help answer any questions and concerns one might have about the rental process from the perspective of both the renter and the leaser.  

For the renter:  

If you’ve been thinking about taking the ultimate road trip but aren’t quite ready to take the big step of buying an RV, renting one is your next move. Renting also allows you to try out RVs of different styles to find one that fits your needs and lifestyle. Services like Outdoorsy have made the rental process easy and efficient, allowing customers to enjoy the experience. Renters can also reach out to their local RV dealership to rent a variety of choices. In addition, there is no need to worry if you are new to the RV world; your leaser will go over everything you need to know before getting behind the wheel!

John Morgan, @offthegridnc, provided us with valuable insight into the rental process and his experience with leasing his Mercedes Sprinter vans. If you are looking for something easy that requires a minimum setup, the Sprinter van may be a good option for you, as that was a deciding factor for Morgan. From a financial standpoint, the renter will have extra expenses for fuel and campsite fees. Morgan is a big proponent of Harvest Hosts, a membership program in which various wineries and farms offer free parking in exchange for a suggested purchase. Overall, RV rentals allow you to get the best of both worlds, as you get to enjoy the experience without having to make a big purchase.  

For the leaser:  

You may be wondering- is renting out your RV worth the potential stress of turning over your expensive vehicle to someone else? The simple answer is yes if you do it in the right way. Leasing your RV is a great way to bring in an additional income and even cover the costs of the vehicle’s yearly insurance and maintenance upkeep. John Morgan has done very well with his rentals and expects the return investment to be excellent this year. 

As with any type of rental, unexpected things can happen, so you will have to be prepared if issues arise. However, you are the one calling the shots, so you can make rules and set expectations for the renter as you please. It’s also essential to make sure your renter uses the best products for managing the toilet and holding tank. Walex Products Company has a variety of top-rated products that will satisfy all your RV sanitation needs! Check out our selection of RV products and visit our YouTube page to watch step-by-step instructional videos if you have questions about the application of the products.