February 01,2023

Introducing Dura-Blue, a dye that withstands heavy use and hot temperatures

When it comes to pleasing your portable restroom rental customers, perception is essential. Even if a unit remains odor-free between services, if a customer peaks into the holding tank and doesn’t see that deep blue dye, they believe the deodorizer is gone. 

The latest innovation from Walex is Dura-Blue, an enhanced non-staining color that will last longer in overused holding tanks where pH shifts are common. All Walex liquids and Paks now use Dura-Blue.

The addition of Dura-Blue does not affect the cost of Walex products, nor does it negatively impact the wastewater treatment plants. 

Contact your account manager for more information. 

John Marcucci – 910-443-1493

Ellis Hartley – 910-619-5599

Brian Bost – 910-200-1740

Brian Rooney – 910-859-4619