Four Reasons to Use Your RV this Christmas

Christmas celebrations will look different for many of us this year, but your RV might be the key to unlocking a different but equally enjoyable holiday season. Here are four reasons to use your RV this Christmas.

You can safely visit extended family. 

Maybe Uncle Eddie had the right idea after all when he parked his RV in Clark Griswold’s driveway for the holidays. What was normal during past Christmases—extended family near and far congregating to spend the holidays under one roof—is not considered safe during the ongoing pandemic. 

While you might not be able to stay in the guest bedroom down the hall from your aging parents or pregnant daughter, you can temporarily—ahem, Uncle Eddie—park your RV in a family member’s driveway and visit with them outdoors. Weather permitting, an early Christmas dinner on the back deck would be a great way to safely enjoy each other’s company and celebrate the season.

You can take your pets.

While pet ownership brings many joys, it does complicate travel. If you’re traveling in your RV, though, you don’t have to worry if your toy poodle will get along with your aunt’s American bulldog or if you should just fork up the money for a pet sitter. When you travel by RV, though, you can bring your pup along for the ride every time. Just stock up on some Walex Odor Absorbers to eradicate any “dog” smells you might start to notice over time. Our gel-infused odor absorber uses a layer of charcoal to absorb odors without any artificial fragrances.

You can spend the holidays in warmer weather.

Owning an RV gives you the freedom to go where you want when you want. If a white Christmas doesn’t sound appealing this year, pack up the RV and head south for the holidays. Camping World has some great destination suggestions.

You can still enjoy your favorite Christmas traditions.

If you’re planning to spend your Christmas Eve in an RV campsite, you might be worried that you’ll miss all the traditions you typically enjoy at home. But you can adapt those traditions to RV life. 

Here are some excellent ways to display a Christmas tree inside your RV. You can also string lights around your RV's perimeter—icicle lights look beautiful on the awning—but just make sure the decorations don’t consume too much wattage. Choose LED lights, which use less power than regular lights. Or, rather than using lights that you have to string up every time you change location, you can set up a Christmas light projector to colorfully illuminate your RV's exterior.

You can even replicate Christmas dinner! If feasting on turkey and stuffing is a Christmas Day tradition, you can cook a few juicy turkey breasts on your charcoal grill and prepare the stuffing in your crockpot. When it’s time to clean up after the meal, Walex has you covered with our powerful all-purpose cleaner and easy-to-use odor eliminating spray.

No matter how you decide to use your RV this Christmas, we wish you safe, happy travels. And don’t forget, wherever the road takes you, take Walex.