RV-ers Test & Review Walex Products

We love when RV-ers call or email us with honest feedback after using our products. We get a lot of positive reviews, which is great, but we also value constructive criticism because it helps us improve existing products or introduce new products to the market. Here's a fantastic, detailed review we recently received. If you're currently using Walex products, tell us what you think! Call 910-371-2242 or email RV sales manager Tony Butler.

Charles uses Porta-Pak, Bio-Pak and Elemonate. Here's his experience with the products so far:

Hi Tony, I wanted to follow up with you on our winter and spring camping experiences with Walex products in our two RVs. 

Our continued winter experience with bio-pac in our holding tank for our travel trailer was excellent, no smells and good breakdown. I was concerned that the cold temps would inhibit essential bacteria growth and hinder breakdown, but all was well!

In our small off-road pop-up camper’s cassette toilet, the porta-pac kept smells very manageable, but I do think that the bio-pacs do a better job in the cassette toilet as well for odor management. I was concerned that the small cassette tank would not afford enough time for the essential bacteria to work, but bio-pac seems to have performed well at breakdown and superior in odor management. 

Now that the temps are warming up, I will keep tabs on changes in performance characteristics. Our small off-road camper turns in a hot box in the summer when we close it up for the day to go hiking, etc. I will be curious to see if we need to switch to porta-pac for that one. Of course, I will follow up with you on that.

The elemonate did remove the tendency for grease to buildup on our dump valve, which is a huge plus. I noticed that change on first application. However, the sensor in that tank still wants to stick and I have no idea if that is a sensor issue, or a grease / containments issue. Do you think two tablets would be better, or maybe a time in tank issue? We typically have to dump the galley gray every other day. I do use elemonate every dump cycle. 

I hope my info and feedback helps and my goal of giving you all a year of real world feedback will conclude at the end at the summer. It has been a fun side camping project for me and we all gain in the end. I will let you know how things go over the summer we wrap it up and see what we learned!