Restroom Trailer Product Checklist

Have you added luxury restroom trailer rentals to your business? Not only is it important to purchase the right trailer, but it's critical to use the right products to ensure your trailer creates a positive impression of your business.

Having the right products in your arsenal will make your restroom trailer look and smell brand new, boosting your brand image and elevating you over the competition.

P-Trapper: Waterless Urinal Odor Control

Trap seal liquid that immediately eliminates odors in waterless, no-flush urinals, providing long-term odor control in restroom trailers.

Bravo Urinal Screens: Fragrance Enhancer

Keeps urinal smelling fresh for up to 30 days with strong fragrance release and bacteria action that deodorizes & cleans urinal & drain.

Bio-Pak: Black Tank Deodorizer

Enzyme-based drop-in that deodorizes black tank and digests solids, preventing clogging and build-up. Eliminates spills.

Ovation: Fragrance Enhancer

Commercial-strength air fresheners that can be hung anywhere to fight odors for up to 30 days. Ideal for women’s side.

Porta-Pak: Black Tank Deodorizer

Best-selling drop-in packet that deodorizes black holding tank, eliminating spills and keeping restroom trailer smelling fresh.

Urinal Cleaner

Spray on urinal to remove calcium deposits, restoring trailer’s urinals to like-new condition and eliminating foul odors.

Commando: Black Tank Cleaner

Enzyme-based drop-in that cleans trailer’s black holding tank in 12-24 hours, no agitation required. Restores tank to like-new condition.

Banish: Graffiti Remover

Effectively removes markers, paint, pen, grease, tar, crayon, dirt and calcium build-up, improving trailer’s appearance.

Fab Lav: Cleaner

Multi-purpose cleaner with a pleasing lavender fragrance guarantees trailer interior looks and smells fresh and clean.

Grey Water Liquid: Deodorizer

Great for shower trailers; controls grey holding tank odors caused by soap scum, skin, saliva, dirt and lint.