Can I use Elemonate in my home sink too?

Elemonate is a deodorizer designed for an RV's grey holding tank—the tank that collects water from your shower and sinks. The quick-dissolving tablet not only smells lemony-fresh but also contains digestive enzymes that attack odor-causing organic sludge.

You may have a few extra Elemonate tablets left over from your last trip and wonder whether you can use them in your home. Even home sinks, shower drains, and garbage disposals can emit foul odors due to grease, greywater, and food scrap residue.

The good news is you can instantly freshen up your kitchen sink with Elemonate. Use it the same way you would in your RV. Drop it into the sink and run water over to dissolve it. The lemon fragrance and enzymes will coat the inside of your pipes, eliminating odors. Not only will Elemonate not harm your pipes, but it is also safe for your septic system. It deodorizes using natural enzymes that are completely septic-safe.

Happy adventuring!