Grey Water Deodorizer

Freshen sink and drain lines to eliminate odors.

Prevent clogging and bad odors with the latest technology in quick-dissolve tablets. Elemonate uses the same odor-control formula found in our Porta-Pak Holding Tank Deodorizer – plus special enzymes designed to deodorize and dissolve grease and break up fat and food particles in grey tanks, garbage disposals, dishwashers, and sinks and shower drain lines. Continued use keeps tanks and lines free-flowing and odor-free.

  • Cleans sensors inside grey tank
  • Dissolves rapidly
  • Biodegradable
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Ideal for RVs, boats and home use
Check out this Elemonate review by the Wandering Wagners YouTube channel!

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About Elemonate®

12 bags per case, 5 tablets per bag

  • “Highly recommend these tabs for use in your grey water holding tank. Our tank started smelling like a sewer and we didn’t know why since grey and black water tanks are totally separate. Well come to find out that greases and food particles etc build up in your tank and cause odors. We use these each time we take our RV out and no more foul smells. These tabs cut the grease and clean the tank!” -P. Andres
  • “No need to measure out 8 ounces of liquid from a 32 ounce jar of holding tank treatment. These are a loosely formed briquet that smells “lemon fresh” and you simply drop one into the sink, run a little bit of water over it and that’s it. It melts down really fast and coats your drain pipes on the way down to the holding tank so that the whole system gets refreshed and deodorized. We like them well enough that we have now set up a recurring order and they ship some to us every few weeks.” -Dempsy "Great lemony scent"
  • “These lemon grey tank packs seem to work well, they bubble up like hydrogen peroxide when they hit water, smell is good and no complaints from me. Grey tank is a grey area for me, you don’t really notice grey tank smells like a black tank, but grease and food can build up and these packs can keep tank fresh. I use a pack, fill tank with hot water night before I finish camping, so can dump next day and clear out any crud from trip.” –rotwiler "Easy and Fast"
  • “I like how simple this product is to use…you simply put a tablet of Elemonate in your sink, run some water on it til it washes down the drain, and it goes to work. I usually perform this operation before a trip so the chemical gets to work while I am using/filling the grey tank…in my experience, it does freshen your gray tank.” –Oliver "Seems to work well"
  • "Helps freshin up your gray water tank"

Can this product be used in the sink in my home?

Yes, this product is excellent for home-usage. Simply drop one tablet down your sink drain or disposal and run the water for a few seconds to dissolve it.

Can I use this product in the sink of my food truck?

You can use this product in the sink of your food truck to break down food particles and grease in your drain lines.

In what sink should I drop the Elemonate?

Your bathroom sink, shower drain, and kitchen sink all drain into your grey tank, so it doesn’t matter which of these you drop the Elemonate. You can break the tablet into pieces and put a bit in each drain to thoroughly clean the drain lines and the tank.

How often should I use Elemonate?

For best results, drop one Elemonate in after emptying your grey tank. You can also use Elemonate on an as-needed basis; drop one tablet whenever you notice an odor emitting from your sink drain.

Should I use Elemonate before I winterize my RV?

Yes! We highly recommend using Elemonate to winterize your grey holding tank. Before you empty your grey tank for the final time, drop one Elemonate tablet down your drain and run your faucet to dissolve it. Allow 24 hours for the enzymes to break up any remaining organic sludge and grease, and then empty the tank to prevent freezing.

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