October 08,2020

Why is Bio-Pak “Cali-Safe?”

In late 2019, California passed legislation banning the sale and use of holding tank products containing certain chemicals. Walex’s eco-friendly holding tank deodorizer, Bio-Pak, is free from all biocides, which complies with California’s new regulations.

The law lists 14 chemicals that will be prohibited when the law takes effect in 2022. The list includes bronopol and formaldehyde, which are frequently added to holding tank deodorizers to kill odor-causing bacteria. When these holding tank chemicals are dumped into septic systems, they destroy bacteria essential for a healthy septic system. Therefore, Bio-Pak is a good choice not only for Californians, but for anyone who might dump into a septic system.

Rather than killing bacteria with biocides, Bio-Pak digests bacteria using enzymes, which are substances produced by a living organism that act as a catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction. Enzyme holding tank treatments accelerate the breakdown of organic materials in waste while also neutralizing foul odors. The enzymes help to digest paper and waste to allow for a more efficient and fluid dumping process.

Bio-Pak is available in Tropical Breeze and Alpine Fresh.