Bio-Pak® Tropical Breeze


Natural Enzyme Deodorizer & Waste Digester


Bio-Pak provides portion control and is easy to use with no messy liquids – just drop it in! The environmentally friendly enzyme formula starts working immediately to control odors and break down waste and paper in the waste tank. Continued use ensures that pipes, valves, and seals will be trouble-free.

Liquefies all types of toilet paper, eliminating the need for special toilet paper!

  • Removes odors and breaks down waste and paper
  • Biocide-free
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Zinc and Copper Free
  • Safe for septic tanks
  • California Compliant
Customer Reviews


“We have tried other brands and they just don’t work like Walex brands do.”



“2nd time we’ve purchased the Walex BIOTROPBG holding tank deodorizers, for our 5th wheel. These work great! We drain our black tank and put 2 in the toilet and add water. We stay in our 5th wheel almost every weekend and these help keep our trailer’s toilet bad odor free. Will continue to purchase and recommend to anyone who’s looking for a great deodorizer.”



“These tabs work great! Just ask my wife! She survived! Fragrant citrus aroma that works great! I will definitely be order more of these for our cross country trip!”

-Rob C.


“This stuff is the bomb!! The mangoee citrusee smells very nice but not really purfumee. It takes away the “other odor” and manages it very well.
Highly recommended.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Bio-Pak is an enzyme-based product, so it is septic safe.

Yes, you can use Bio-Pak in your boat’s toilet, because the formula is eco-friendly.

Yes, Bio-Pak is currently available in two fragrances: Alpine Fresh and Tropical Breeze.

Drop a Bio-Pak down your toilet every time you refill your tank with water after dumping or once you start to smell odors emanating from your toilet. How often you do that depends on usage, but typically campers dump about once a week. After you dump, drop one Bio-Pak packet into five gallons of water for a 40-gallon tank. If you have a smaller tank, we recommend 1.25 gallons of water for every 10 gallons of holding tank area. Adding ample water is crucial because it allows waste and paper to fall below the waterline enabling the enzymes to work their magic. 

Yes! Bio-Pak’s powerful enzymes digest paper as well as waste. 

No. No need for any particular type of RV toilet paper. Bio-Pak will break down and digest top-selling brands just as well.

No. Bio-Pak was designed explicitly for black holding tanks. For Grey water tank sanitation and odor control, we make a product called Elemonate, designed explicitly formulated to destroy grey tank build-up like organic sludge, grease, and food particles.

The packet starts dissolving immediately upon contact with water.

Bio-Pak is septic safe, meaning that if you use Bio-Pak to deodorize your black holding tank, you can safely empty the tank into a septic system. For monthly septic tank treatment, we manufacture Bio-Active Septic Tank treatment, designed to keep septic systems healthy.

Bio-Pak is eco-friendly because it is free from formaldehyde and biocides and septic safe. It uses natural enzymes to digest bacteria, waste, and paper.

Bio-Pak should be completely effective in all but the hottest climates. If you’re camping in conditions that exceed 90 degrees for hours at a time, we recommend switching to Porta-Pak.

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10 sachets per bag, 12 bags per case

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10 sachets per bag, 12 bags per case

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