March 04,2020

Choosing a Liquid Deodorizer: Formaldehyde-Based or Formaldehyde-Free?

When purchasing liquid deodorizer, one of the first decisions you must make is whether to use a product containing formaldehyde. Walex’s liquid deodorizer product line includes three formaldehyde-based products (PT-615, PT-600 and PT-60 Pre-Mix) and six formaldehyde-free products (PT-50 Supreme, Endure, Advantage, Contender, PT-500, and Pre-Mix). There are pros and cons to each type of product.

For decades, the odor-eliminating ingredient in holding tank deodorizers was formaldehyde. But formaldehyde is harsh on both the environment and human health. The EPA has classified it as a probable human carcinogen, causing health hazards when used long-term, and some states have outlawed it. So in order to offer an eco-friendlier product, Walex’s research and development team created an innovative formula that eliminates odors without the use of formaldehyde.

Price might be one deterrent to trying a formaldehyde-free product, because a drum of our formaldehyde-based product is cheaper than a drum of the formaldehyde-free product. However, you must use larger quantities of the formaldehyde-based product, so you go through it more quickly.

Furthermore, formaldehyde-free products are effective for longer. If you tested the products side by side, formaldehyde would be more effective initially but by the fifth or sixth day, formaldehyde-free would be the winner. This is due to the formaldehyde (gas) quickly evaporating while the new modern chemistry within the Walex non-formaldehyde formulas eliminates odors much longer.

Because formaldehyde is a compressed gas, it also emits a powerful, distinctive scent which people associate with effectiveness, so they might be skeptical of a formaldehyde-free product that does not contain that smell.

We know that there are many factors that go into choosing between a formaldehyde-based and formaldehyde-free liquid deodorizer, and our sales managers are happy to help you figure out exactly what is best for your business. Give them a call at 800.338.3155.