February 22,2024

The 5 Essential Products New Portable Restroom Operators Need

Starting a portable restroom business is a venture that promises growth and opportunities, particularly in today’s dynamic event and construction landscapes. However, newcomers to this industry often face the initial challenge of optimizing their startup budget, focusing on acquiring only the most essential products to ensure operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Understanding this, Walex presents a tailored selection of five products designed to meet the core needs of new PROs, ensuring a smooth kickstart to your business with cost-effective solutions.

Premium Deodorizer

Central to any portable restroom operation is deodorizer, which ensures an odor-free and hygienic environment for users. Walex offers both liquid and packet options, catering to various operator preferences. New PROs can benefit from the versatility of liquid deodorizers, which come in multiple strengths and fragrances, or the convenience of pre-portioned packets for ease of use and consistent dosing. Many factors play into deodorizer selection, but all Walex deodorizers use advanced odor control technology and the longest-lasting dye on the market.

Powerful Graffiti Remover

Combating graffiti is an inevitable battle for PROs. Banish Graffiti Remover is your best defense against unwanted scribbles and marks. This powerful cleaner effortlessly removes paint, markers, and other substances, restoring the restroom’s appearance without damaging surfaces. Banish also helps prevent future graffiti by leaving a protective coating on treated surfaces. Its easy application and effectiveness make it a must-have for maintaining the visual appeal of your portable restrooms and keeping them inviting for users.

Versatile Cleaner

Cleanliness in portable restrooms extends beyond odor control. Walex offers five cleaners: Banish Graffiti Remover, Green Hornet Cleaner/Degreaser, Fragrance Spray Washdown Cleaner, Urinal Cleaner, and Fab Lav. Many PROs eventually invest in all five because each formula is designed to tackle a specific issue. A new PRO, however, should start with Green Hornet because it tackles the widest variety of cleaning jobs. The industrial-strength cleaner & degreaser easily removes everything from dirt to grease to stubborn stains. Its biodegradable formula ensures safety for the environment while delivering unmatched cleaning power. Whether used for deep cleaning or regular maintenance, Green Hornet ensures that surfaces are spotless, contributing to the overall hygiene and appeal of portable restrooms.

Elegant Fragrance Enhancer

An elegant fragrance enhancer adds an extra boost of freshness, significantly enhancing the atmosphere of portable restrooms and leaving a lasting positive impression on users. Walex’s most popular fragrance enhancers are Deo-Disc and BRAVO Urinal Screens. Deo-Disc is a compact, powerful air freshener that can be strategically placed within the restroom to continuously combat odors, providing an additional layer of scent control. BRAVO Urinal Screens target two key issues: odor control and splashback. The patented design fits any urinal, maximizing drain flow and emitting an elegant, long-lasting fragrance. Especially for PROs just entering the market, choosing one of these fragrance enhancers offers an affordable way to gain an edge over the competition. 

Hand Sanitizer

In today’s world, providing hand sanitizing options is non-negotiable for ensuring user safety and promoting hygiene practices. Incorporating hand sanitizer stations or dispensers in and around portable restrooms encourages users to sanitize their hands, effectively reducing the spread of germs and enhancing overall public health. Walex offers a full product line of hand sanitizers, including alcohol and non-alcohol options in both foaming and gel formulas.

Starting a portable restroom business with a focus on essential investments can pave the way for future growth and success. By selecting these five core Walex products, new operators can assure their customers of a clean, pleasant, and hygienic portable restroom experience, thereby solidifying their reputation and operational foundation in the competitive portable restroom industry.