April 24,2024

Walex manufacturing is now 100% solar-powered

Walex is proud to announce that our manufacturing is now 100% solar-powered following a groundbreaking solar array installation. This initiative highlights our commitment to green energy and sets a new standard in the portable sanitation industry for sustainable business practices.

Director of Sales and Business Development, Corey Morton, said the project underscores two of Walex’s key values: constant innovation and a commitment to do what’s right.


 “We’re a family-run business,” he said, “and our motto has always been to do the right thing—whether that’s for our staff, our customers, or the environment. We’re proud to lead the way in implementing sustainable practices and we see it as an investment in not only our future, but the future of our planet.”

Comprehensive Environmental Initiative

Walex’s other ongoing sustainability initiatives include transitioning more of its products to recycle-ready packaging, switching to electric forklifts, and continuing to develop innovative product formulas that utilize environmentally-friendly ingredients without sacrificing performance.

Community and Environmental Benefit

By investing in solar energy, Walex not only advances its own sustainability goals but also supports broader community efforts toward energy conservation and environmental protection, reinforcing the company’s role as a responsible and forward-thinking industry leader.

Sustainability Leadership

This project positions Walex as a leader in sustainability within the portable sanitation industry, underlining the company’s dedication to environmental stewardship and its proactive approach to incorporating renewable energy solutions into its operations.