October 11,2019

Restore Your Black Holding Tank To Good as New

Commando Black Holding Tank Cleaner is a safe and natural cleaning product for portable restroom trailers’ holding tanks. This eco-friendly product will go to work on your trailer’s holding tank by dispersing billions of healthy enzymes that break down the waste buildup that causes odors within as little as 12 to 24 hours.

Black holding tanks can be a problem. Whether it be a restroom trailer or holding tank, they get a lot of use, and hold a lot of odors. Commando ensures that these tanks start clean and odorless, and that the valves, seals, and sensors stay debris-free, lubricated, and working properly.

  • Effective waste digestion & sludge removal
  • Easy-to-use dissolvable packet
  • Septic tank safe

What sets this product apart from other comparable products on the market?

Our unique formula utilizes a higher concentration of active ingredient to more effectively break down and digest waste while also removing sludge and debris. This allows for a quicker response time and a more overall efficient process than competitors. Walex chemists developed the formula and thoroughly tested it before releasing it to the consumer.

How do our customers in the portable sanitation industry use it?

The multi-purpose Commando packet offers a variety of uses within the Portable Sanitation market. With its ability to quickly aid in the digestion process, this product spans its uses to holding tanks, portable restrooms, trucks and any tank application where waste, paper and sludge may accumulate. Portable restroom companies use the product to not only maintain their physical asset—their trailer—but also to improve their company image by keeping their customers happy. Because Commando so effectively cleans odors and residual waste from black holding tanks, it makes the experience of using these portable restroom trailers more pleasant. Our customers also use Commando to clean the tanks in their older portable restrooms and office trailer holding tanks.

What kind of research and development went into this product? Why is it a good fit for the industry?

Our highly experienced R&D chemists developed the formula in the lab on toilet waste to make sure the enzyme activities would be appropriate for waste breakdown. The product underwent rigorous testing to ensure highest quality of standards for product performance.  This not only makes the life of septic and portable operators easier, but it also protects their investment and money spent on equipment.

What has been the feedback you’ve gotten from customers that are using this product in the field

Our customers are pleased that Commando not only works as advertised, but it thoroughly deodorized even those trailers with residual odor issues prior to placement on site. Our customers have told us that Commando helped completely restore function in their sensors, aided in the extra life expectancy of their equipment, and reduced odors in both their portables and holding tanks. Consequently, our customers are able to keep their customers pleased and impressed.