January 16,2020

Navigating the world of portable sanitation drop-in packets

How do I choose the right product for my specific needs?

When it comes to portable sanitation, it doesn’t get more convenient than a drop-in packet. Walex Products Company created drop-in packets nearly 23 years ago to give our customers a portion-control method for cleaning and deodorizing their portable restrooms. Since then, packets have become widely used throughout our industry.

While using pre-portioned packets removes guesswork and human error from the equation, it also takes away your ability to adjust the chemical amounts based on your climate and toilet usage. That’s why we offer multiple drop-in varieties; you can select a chemical that meets your price point and ingredient formula needs. Keep reading to figure out how to choose the right drop-in product.

Walex’s best-selling portion-control packet, Porta-Pak, is also the most popular packet in the entire industry, used by customers around the world to ensure long-lasting, effective odor control. And because we serve such a range of customers, we saw the need to develop several Porta-Pak varieties to meet every customer’s particular needs. Each Porta-Pak variety has a different price point as well as a unique formula tailored to the climate and traffic level for which it is intended.

Porta-Pak Max

  • Our strongest product for high-traffic and extreme heat
  • Contains 50 percent more color, 50 percent more odor control and double the fragrance of the original Porta-Pak


  • Effective in all conditions

Porta-Pak Express

  • An economical solution for mild climates and moderate traffic

In addition to Porta-Pak, Walex’s portion-control product line includes Bio-Pak and Porta-Tab. If you have further questions about our drop-in packets or if you’re ready to place an order, call 1-800-338-3155. Our experienced account managers will get you what you need.