1-Gallon Hand Sanitizer (Case of 6)


Sold by the Case (6 gallons per case)

  • $38 per 1-gallon jug
  • $228 total / case of SIX
  • FREE shipping


  • Hand Sanitizer is a water thin LIQUID (not a gelled formula).
  • Spray bottle compatible.
  • Can be used to refill hand sanitizer bottles.
  • Non-sterile Solution
  • 1 Gallon (3,785 ml) jug, sold by the case (6 per case)

Directions: To decrease bacteria on skin, apply a small amount to palm. Briskly rub, covering hands with product until dry. Children should be supervised when using this product. Use without water.

Follow instructions and safety precautions when filling or refilling bags. Hand sanitizer is flammable.

Click here for printable safety instructions

$228.00 per case/6 – One gallon containers
FREE SHIPPING within the continental USA.


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