Gel System


Dispenses from the bottom, compatible with 1000ml instant gel hand sanitizer and 1000ml pink hand soap.

  • System Dispenser 12/case

Pink Lotion Soap

Excellent hand cleaning soap that works great in portable sinks.

  • Easy-to-Use & Install
  • 1,000mL bag

Gel Sanitizer

Easy to rub-in and great after-feel. 62% ethyl alcohol based formula meets CDC recommendations for the highest hand sanitation. Dye and fragrance-free — no water needed. 1000mL bag, 10 bags/case


About Gel System

Reload bag into the dispenser. Fully insert refill up until clicks into place. To remove refill, press the lock release and lift refill out of the dispenser. Further instructions are on the product box.

Dispenser, Gel Sanitizer, Pink Soap

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