Bio-Active Grease Trap Treatment Super Concentrate

This product is based on a select combination of natural soil bacteria in spore form or in stabilized vegetative states. Aerobic as well as anaerobic bacterial species included in the formula. Bacteria usually require a few days to activate and adjust to the new environment. Once established the bacterial will carry out the work effectively to completion. The Bio-Active product is formulated with a light fragrance.

  • Liquid bacteria formulation
  • Rapid activation
  • Non-toxic
  • 1 gallon and 5 gallon pails
  • 525 billion CFU’s (colony forming units)/liter or 2 trillion CFU’s/gallon

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About Bio-Active Grease Trap Treatment Super Concentrate

Add 225-450ml (8-16oz) of Bio-Active product at initial treatment, then add 100-225g (4-8oz) of product once a week, or as needed. Amount of product required per treatment vary with size of grease-trap, waste pit or waste lagoon. This product can be also applied with a metering system, starting out with a higher dosage, followed by lower maintenance dosing.

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