Bio-Active – Grease Trap Treatment

This product is based on a select combination of natural soil bacteria in spore form or in stabilized vegetative states. Aerobic as well as anaerobic bacterial species included in the formula. Pure enzymes are added to the formula to ensure more rapid initial action, as bacteria usually require a few days to activate and adjust to the new environment. Once established, the bacteria will carry out the work effectively to completion. The formula is buffered and fortified with various micronutrients.

  • Powder bacteria & enzyme formula
  • Rapid activation
  • Non-toxic
  • 3.3 lb tubs and 25 lb pails
  • 1 trillion CFU’s (colony forming units)/kg or 450 billion CFU’s /lb.

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About Bio-Active - Grease Trap Treatment

Add 200-400g (8-16oz) of Bio-Active powder on initial treatment. Then add 10-200g (4-8oz) of product once a week, or as needed. Amount of product required per treatment vary with size of grease-trap, waste pit or waste lagoon. Product should be flushed down the drain for best results, but can also be applied by sprinkling directly on top of waste liquid. Stirring the dry powder into the liquid required to break up eventual top crusts.

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