Vacu-Fresh – Pump Exhaust Deodorizing System

Improve your company’s image, increase employee morale and customer satisfaction!

The Vacu-Fresh® System is designed to filter odors that are exhausted from the vacuum pump on sewage pump trucks during operation. It consists of a filtration tank which is installed in the exhaust line after the pump and a special deodorizing liquid which is added to the filtration tank. The tank contains special baffles which assure the foul-smelling exhaust air comes in contact with the deodorizing liquid, which then captures the odor, and the exhaust exits the filter tank odor-free.

  • Universally mounted
  • Practically maintenance free!
  • Use-activated
  • Available in 3 Tank Sizes

About Vacu-Fresh - Pump Exhaust Deodorizing System

Add one gallon of Vacu-Fresh deodorizer to small Vacu Fresh tank and 2 gallons for larger tank to eliminate mal odors




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