De-Winterize with Elemonate and Commando

For some RVers, spring means de-winterizing the RV and planning summer travels. De-winterizing should include a deep cleaning and maintenance check-up to ensure the rig is in top shape for that big summer adventure. If cleaning inside the black and grey tanks to eliminate any residual odors seems daunting, use a product formulated with powerful enzymes that do the work for you.

Walex's Black Tank Cleaner and Grey Tank Cleaner

Walex makes enzyme-based cleaners: one for your black tank cleaner called Commando, and one for your grey tank cleaner called Elemonate. These products are pre-portioned drop-ins, meaning no measuring or spills. Drop one portion in the corresponding tank, add water, and let the formula go to work.

Commando easily cleans the black holding tank.

Commando Black Holding Tank Cleaner is an easy-to-use quick-dissolving packet filled with a super-concentrated, scientifically natural enzyme formula that cleans tank walls and sensors and lubricates valves and seals. Residual waste caked to the tank walls creates foul odors and false sensor readings.
A malfunctioning sensor is one of RVers' most frustrating issues because they don't know when to empty their tank. One packet of Commando cleans the tank and restores sensor function in as little as 12 to 24 hours—no agitation or scrubbing required.
Walex recommends the preventative use of Commando every three months to help keep the black tank in good working condition.

Elemonate freshens and cleans the grey tank & drain lines

Elemonate is a grey holding tank treatment that prevents clogging and foul odors with the latest technology in quick-dissolve tablets. It uses the same odor-control formula found in Porta-Pak Holding Tank Deodorizer plus special enzymes.
The Walex R&D team designed the formula to deodorize and dissolve the organic sludge that accumulates in the grey tank from sink and shower use. The natural enzymes dissolve grease and break up fat and food particles in grey tanks, garbage disposals, dishwashers, and drain lines.
Elemonate also contains a fresh lemon fragrance. Continued use keeps tanks and lines free-flowing and odor-free.
To order Commando and Elemonate, dealers should contact their distributor of choice, and RVers should visit their local RV dealership.
Happy Adventuring!

How to get rid of stubborn RV odors

The most obvious culprit of odors in your RV is your black holding tank and toilet, so most RVers invest in a premium black tank deodorizer like Porta-Pak. But sometimes odors still linger, requiring odor control products that either work differently or target other odor sources. Walex is the global leader in odor control and offers a complete range of these types of products.

Odor Source: Grey Holding Tank
Product: Elemonate

An RV's grey holding tank is often overlooked as a potential odor source because it simply captures water from sinks and the shower. However, that water contains dirt, grease, and grime, which, over time, can form an organic sludge that breeds bacteria. Elemonate is a grey holding tank deodorizer that contains fresh lemon fragrance and natural enzymes that destroy build-up in the grey tank. Drop one Elemonate tablet in the sink and turn on the faucet for a few seconds to let it dissolve.

Odor source: Mildew, garbage, dirty laundry
Product: Odor Absorber

Tight spaces amplify foul odors, so keeping RV interiors smelling completely fresh is tricky. Odor Absorber is a gel product infused with a layer of charcoal that eradicates and absorbs odors. It keeps working for up to 60 days. Many RVers place one inside their garbage bin, under the sink, or around other potential odor sources.

Odor source: Black tank pyramid
Product: Commando

Sometimes, the reason for black holding tank odors is not a lack of deodorizer but a lack of water. Without enough water in the tank, solids pile up and get caked to the tank walls and sensors. This build-up creates residual odor and causes sensors to read incorrectly. Commando is a lightly-fragranced drop-in packet containing a powerful cleaning formula. Fill the tank with water and drop one packet in. The outer lining dissolves, releasing enzymes that attack and liquefy solids, cleaning the tank walls and sensors. Commando works without agitation in 12 to 24 hours (although you can leave it in longer).

Whatever the odor source, Walex has a product to eradicate it. Call 800-338-3155 or visit your local RV dealer for details.

How do I get rid of the black tank pyramid?

A black tank pyramid refers to the buildup of waste and paper in your RV's black holding tank, and it can put a significant damper on your RV travels. Waste buildup fills your RV with foul odors and is a pain to remove—without the right products. Here's how you can prevent a pyramid from forming or eliminate one if it does.

Don't leave your black tank valve open when you're hooked up at a site.

If you allow your tank to drain gradually, the liquids will pass through while the solids build up in a solid pyramid. To thoroughly dump the contents of your tank, you need the assistance of gravity. Keep the valve closed until the tank is 2/3 full, and then dump it. 

Use an enzyme-based deodorizer.

Enzymes digest waste and paper, so using a deodorizer with powerful enzymes will keep the contents of your black tank from solidifying. Walex's Bio-Pak is an enzyme-based formula contained in a rapid-dissolving water-soluble packet. When flushed down into the tank, the enzymes go to work immediately, breaking down buildup and deodorizing in the process. 

Use an enzyme-based black tank cleaner.

If you suspect a waste pyramid has formed in your black holding tank, you need to use Commando. Commando's innovative formula is packed with enough enzymes to restore your black holding tank to good-as-new, no scrubbing or agitation required. Not only will it liquefy the waste and paper, but it will clean tank walls and sensors, restoring the accuracy of your sensors. Here's how to use it:

  1. Empty your tank, rinse out any chemical residue, close your dump valve, drop one Commando packet into the toilet, and flush
  2. Then fill your holding above your highest sensor or completely full. 
  3. Leave it in for a minimum of 12 hours. Commando is formulated to work in as little as 12 to 24 hours for those in a hurry, but it will not hurt your tank to leave it in longer, several days, for more stubborn holding tank issues or clogs. 
  4. Empty your tank. Rinse again. You can now add your deodorizer, refill with 1.25 gallons of water for every 10 gallons of holding tank capacity and continue using the toilet.

You can use Commando to destroy existing buildup or preventatively every three months to control buildup from forming.

Happy adventuring!

What do enzymes do in my black tank?

Many enzyme-based RV and Marine holding tank products are available, but they aren't all of the same quality. So how exactly do enzymes benefit your holding tank? Keep reading to find out.

Enzymes are proteins that help speed up chemical reactions, such as the breakdown of solids. When released into your RV black or grey holding tank, enzymes immediately start digesting the waste and paper inside the tank. This action helps prevent clogging and facilitates easier dumping when the tank is full. It also helps control the odor-causing "poop pyramid" from forming.

Another benefit of enzyme-based deodorizers: they eliminate the need for special RV toilet paper. Often RVers purchase single-ply RV or septic-safe toilet paper to avoid clogging. However, enzyme formulas such as Bio-Pak, are powerful enough to digest normal toilet tissue.

Walex offers a range of higher quality, quick-acting, enzyme-based products. The most popular of these are Bio-Pak, Commando, and Elemonate. Bio-Pak is a black holding tank drop-in deodorizer and digester. Commando cleans and restores black holding tank walls and sensors; and Elemonate, a grey holding tank deodorizer.

You can pick these products at your local RV dealership. Happy adventuring!

Black tank sensors reading 2/3 full? Here's the solution.

If your RV's black holding tank sensors aren't working correctly, you're not alone. Black tank sensors frequently malfunction due to the residual waste and toilet paper buildup on tank walls, causing the sensors to read 2/3 full even after dumping. The easiest way to clean your sensors is with a drop-in packet called Commando that restores sensor function in as little as 12 to 24 hours— with no agitation or scrubbing required.

RV owners often report their black holding tank sensors reading 2/3 full, even after emptying the tank. If you don't know how full your holding tank is, you don't know when to dump it. You'd likely empty your tank more frequently to be safe, leading to solid waste buildup, often referred to as the poo pyramid.

If you suspect your sensors aren't reading correctly, you need to use Commando. 

  1. Empty your tank, rinse out any chemical residue, close your dump valve, drop one Commando packet into the toilet, and flush
  2. Then fill your holding above your highest sensor or completely full. 
  3. Leave it in for a minimum of 12 hours. Commando is formulated to work in as little as 12 to 24 hours for those in a hurry, but it will not hurt your tank to leave it in longer for more stubborn holding tank issues or clogs. 
  4. Empty your tank. Rinse again. You can now add your deodorizer, refill with 1.25 gallons of water for every 10 gallons of holding tank capacity and continue using the toilet.

Commando works its magic by releasing natural enzymes into the tank, which digest and liquefy waste and paper. Use as directed every three months to lubricate valves and seals and keep tank walls free from buildup. We also recommend adding it to your RV winterizing routine.

The next time you're at your RV dealer, pick up a bag of Commando. 

Commando now available in recyclable packaging

After debuting recyclable packaging for Bio-Active Septic Tank Treatment in 2021, Walex is now packaging its black holding tank cleaner, Commando, in the same eco-friendly material.

Walex plans to transition several more of its RV/Marine product line to recyclable material in the coming years. The effort is part of an eco-friendly initiative extending to the product formulas; all of Walex's RV/Marine products comply with the country's most stringent environmental standards.

Recycle your Commando bag in a plastic bag recycling bin located at many retail stores, including Lidl, Target, Walmart, and Wegmans. To recycle, ensure the package is clean and dry before placing it in the bin.

The new recyclable bags are stamped with a seal from How2Recycle, an organization that aims to clarify the recycling process by standardizing instructions and labels. According to, the bag material can be made into synthetic lumber for decking, park benches, or recycled directly into another bag.

How to restore your holding tank after summer travels

Does your holding tank need a deep clean?

Commando will eliminate the dreaded "pyramid" and restore sensor function

If you're new to the RV lifestyle, RV maintenance might still be intimidating. But chances are, some issues arose on your fun summer travels, and autumn is a great time to address those problems and prevent future ones. For example, one common complaint is that the toilet doesn't smell as fresh as before the trip. Black holding tank odors are common, and Walex has the solution.

Even if you use a holding tank deodorizer, waste and paper can become caked to your tank walls over time. This residual waste causes foul smells and false sensor readings. Not only does this make your RV trip less pleasant, but a malfunctioning holding tank sensor is incredibly frustrating. You must know how full your holding tank is so that you know when to empty it!

To eliminate residual waste and restore your sensor function, first empty your black tank. Then drop in one packet of Commando and fill your tank with water. Let that sit for 12 to 24 hours (or longer, if needed). Commando's enzymes will break down waste and paper, lubricate the valves and seals, and clean the sensors. Then, when you empty your tank again, it will be good as new!

Even if you don't notice any holding tank issues, we recommend cleaning your black holding tank with Commando if you plan to winterize your RV soon. If you're on the road a lot, we also recommend using Commando every three months as a preventative measure.

Happy adventuring!

Can I leave Commando in my tank for longer than 24 hours?

Some of the most common questions we receive have to do with how long to leave Commando in the black holding tank.

If you don’t leave it in the tank long enough, the enzymes won’t have time to work thoroughly, but people also worry about leaving it in for too long. The short answer is that you should aim to leave Commando in the tank for a minimum of 12 to 24 hours, but there’s no real harm in leaving it longer.

Commando is a pre-portioned product designed to work in as little as 12 to 24 hours for those in a hurry. However, if you need to leave Commando in your holding tank for 48 hours, 72 hours, or even a week, that would be okay and will not harm your holding tank. Each packet contains enzymes that immediately go to work, breaking down waste and paper and penetrating build-up on your tank walls and sensors.

Walex chemists designed the super-concentrated formula to work quickly to eliminate the most robust waste and paper build-up. Although it’s rare to have build-up after using Commando, when used according to instructions, if you continue to have issues due to extreme build-up, you can repeat the process.

If you have further questions about Commando or any other products, call us at 800-338-3155, and we’d be happy to help.