How to restore your holding tank after summer travels

Does your holding tank need a deep clean?

Commando will eliminate the dreaded "pyramid" and restore sensor function

If you're new to the RV lifestyle, RV maintenance might still be intimidating. But chances are, some issues arose on your fun summer travels, and autumn is a great time to address those problems and prevent future ones. For example, one common complaint is that the toilet doesn't smell as fresh as before the trip. Black holding tank odors are common, and Walex has the solution.

Even if you use a holding tank deodorizer, waste and paper can become caked to your tank walls over time. This residual waste causes foul smells and false sensor readings. Not only does this make your RV trip less pleasant, but a malfunctioning holding tank sensor is incredibly frustrating. You must know how full your holding tank is so that you know when to empty it!

To eliminate residual waste and restore your sensor function, first empty your black tank. Then drop in one packet of Commando and fill your tank with water. Let that sit for 12 to 24 hours (or longer, if needed). Commando's enzymes will break down waste and paper, lubricate the valves and seals, and clean the sensors. Then, when you empty your tank again, it will be good as new!

Even if you don't notice any holding tank issues, we recommend cleaning your black holding tank with Commando if you plan to winterize your RV soon. If you're on the road a lot, we also recommend using Commando every three months as a preventative measure.

Happy adventuring!