May 04,2020

Walex hand sanitizer (in stock now) is 100% FDA- and WHO-compliant

In order to meet the skyrocketing demand for public health products, most businesses capable of manufacturing hand sanitizer have started to do so. But many of these hand sanitizers do not meet FDA and WHO guidelines. Some, the New York Times recently reported, might even contain dangerous impurities, leading the Trump administration to crack down on manufacturing restrictions.

Walex Products Company has been an industry leader in sanitation chemicals since 1987, and we currently ship products from our North Carolina-based facility to more than 50 countries around the world. Our knowledgeable R&D chemists and experienced manufacturing team ensure that our hand sanitizer formula is 100 percent compliant with WHO and FDA guidelines.

We are fully stocked on 55-gallon drums of 80% Alcohol Antiseptic (hand sanitizer), 1-gallon jugs (6 in a case), and 55-gallon drums of super-concentrated liquid hand soap. If you have questions about our hand sanitizer formula or any of our other sanitizing products, our knowledgeable sales team is here to help.

To order, contact your regional account manager:
West & Southwest: John Marcucci,, 910-443-1493
Southeast: Ellis Hartley,, 910-619-5599
Northeast: Brian Bost,, 910-200-1740
Midwest: Brian Rooney,, 910-859-4619

View or download Walex Hand Sanitizer Technical Data Sheet