February 17,2021

Walex Offers Three Drop-in Strengths to Meet Your Needs

The level of deodorizer you need varies depending on your climate

Walex makes drop-in packets for mild, moderate and hot climates as well as light, moderate and heavy usage

Walex introduced drop-in deodorizers to the portable sanitation industry three decades ago. Now, the company offers its innovative Porta-Pak Portion Control Deodorizer in different strengths for different situations.

Some portable restroom operators prefer liquid deodorizer to portion control packets because liquid offers more precise control over the amount of product used. Walex’s R&D department developed the different Porta-Pak strengths to give PROs more flexibility within the mess-free portion-control system.

All three Porta-Pak strengths—Original, Max and Express—are formaldehyde-free, biodegradable, and made with non-staining EVERBLUE color.

Porta-Pak Original is a good option for most climates and conditions. Just drop one Porta-Pak into the holding tank and add water.

Porta-Pak MAX is the industry’s most potent holding tank deodorizer, designed for heavy traffic and hot climates. The MAX formula contains 50 percent more color, 50 percent more odor control, and double the fragrance of the original Porta-Pak.

Porta-Pak Express is a cost-effective option for mild climates and special events or multiple servicing jobs.

The seasons are changing, so make sure you have the correct strength of Porta-Pak for your climate and conditions. Call 800-338-3155 and we’ll help get you exactly what you need.