January 06,2021

Hello 2021! Let Walex get you stocked up!

2020 was an amazing year for the RV and Marine industries, and 2021 is looking bright too.  The demand for RV and Marine sanitation products is higher than ever, and Walex is hard at work to keep dealer shelves full of the best sanitation products for their customers. From our facility in coastal North Carolina, we innovate, manufacture, and ship products worldwide.

Our dedicated staff is working hard to supply RV and Marine Dealers with our full line of RV and Marine holding tank and sanitation products during this unprecedented market growth. We have a full range of convenient drop-in packets, eco-friendly enzyme-based products, and liquid deodorizers designed to clean and sanitize both black and grey holding tanks.

We make all products on-demand, so don’t wait to reach out to your distributor of choice to place your Walex order today.  Thank you for your support!