May 13,2024

How do I clean and maintain my RV black tank sensors to get them working again?

RVing offers unparalleled freedom and adventure, but maintaining an RV’s black holding tank and keeping it clean and functioning can be a hassle, especially when the sensors start giving incorrect readings. One of the most common black tank issues is black tank sensors that fail to read correctly due to buildup. This causes inconvenience and can lead to improper maintenance of the tank itself.

Why won’t my RV black tank sensors read correctly?

RV black tank sensor issues are often due to waste and tissue residues that adhere to the tank walls and sensors. Over time, this buildup can cause sensors to register the tank as partially full, even when it’s empty, leading to what many in the RV community might call the “phantom full tank” effect.

How do I clean my black tank sensors?

Cleaning RV black tank sensors is not just about dumping and rinsing the tank. It involves using a product that can effectively break down the waste and residue clinging to the sensors and tank walls. Commando Black Holding Tank Cleaner is designed specifically for this task, offering a solution to the common problem of malfunctioning RV tank sensors.

The best RV black tank cleaner to quickly and easily fix RV black tank sensors

Follow the following steps to quickly and easily clean your RV’s black tank sensors using a premium black tank sensor cleaner.

  1. Empty the tank: Start by emptying your black tank completely.
  2. Add Commando: Through the toilet, add one Commando packet to your black tank. The outer lining is designed to dissolve quickly in water, releasing natural digestive enzymes that target and liquefy waste and paper, removing any residue caked on the tank walls and sensors.
  3. Fill and Soak: Fill the tank with water just above the sensor level to ensure all sensors are submerged. Let the solution sit for 12-24 hours, allowing the enzymes in Commando to break down the waste and paper.
  4. Final Rinse and Inspection: After the soak period, empty the tank again and give it another rinse. Check your sensor readings to ensure they now reflect an empty tank accurately.

How to prevent future sensor issues

To prevent future issues with RV black tank sensors:

  • Regular Maintenance: Use Commando every few months as part of your regular maintenance routine.
  • Proper Usage: Avoid using harsh chemicals that can damage tank sensors and seals. Opt for safe, well-formulated cleaners and deodorizers like Commando, Porta-Pak and Bio-Pak.
  • Monitor and AdjustKeep an eye on your sensor readings and perform cleaning routines before sensors start to show incorrect readings.

Maintaining the functionality of your RV black tank sensors is crucial for hassle-free adventures. By using Commando Black Holding Tank Cleaner, you can ensure that your RV’s black tank remains clean, and the sensors operate correctly, letting you focus on enjoying your travels rather than dealing with maintenance woes.

Happy Adventuring!