November 12,2021

How to clean your restroom trailer holding tank

Quick and easy restroom trailer holding tank cleaning method

Clean your restroom trailer holding tank without agitation or scrubbing

In many areas, outdoor events are back in full swing. That means your restroom trailers are probably getting a lot of use and might be in need of a deep cleaning. Walex makes a product that cleans restroom trailer holding tanks without agitation or scrubbing.
Commando is an enzyme-based product that liquefies waste and paper. Simply drop one Commando packet into your holding tank and fill it to the brim with water. The water-soluble outer lining of the Commando packet dissolves immediately, allowing the enzymes to go to work digesting the sludge and waste build-up. After 12 to 24 hours, empty the tank. That’s it!
If you haven’t tried Commando yet, call us right away!