May 15,2024

How to Keep Portable Restrooms from Smelling During Summer

Make these five changes to prevent odors when the weather heats up

Switch to a Hot-Weather Deodorizer Like Porta-Pak Max or PT-50 Supreme

Bacteria thrive in the summer heat, making odor control more challenging. To combat this, switch to a more concentrated deodorizer like Porta-Pak Max or PT-50 Supreme. Porta-Pak Max is the strongest drop-in deodorizer on the market, with 50% more color, 50% more odor control, and double the fragrance of the original Porta-Pak. PT-50 Supreme is the industry’s most potent super-concentrate liquid deodorizer, requiring 1-2 ounces per service for weeklong odor control.

Add Extra Water to the Holding Tank

Often, the cause of holding tank odors is not a lack of deodorizer but insufficient water, and adding adequate water is even more crucial when it’s hot due to increased evaporation. We always recommend adding 5 to 8 gallons of water per service, but PROs should add closer to 8 gallons during the summer. Water is critical for odor control because deodorizer can only treat the waste it can touch, and mounding—waste that rises above the water line—cannot be treated.

Supplement Deodorizer with a Fragrance Enhancer—Your One-Two Punch Against Odors!

A premium Walex deodorizer effectively prevents foul holding tank odors—a significant job for a single product! While controlling odors at their source is essential, adding a fragrance enhancer like Deo-Disc, Fragrance Spray Washdown Cleaner, or BRAVO Urinal Screen enhances the user experience even more. Adding an extra scent-boosting product ensures a noticeable, long-lasting fragrance and contributes to the overall perception of cleanliness and care. Furthermore, a urinal screen has the added benefit of reducing urinal splashing, another common odor source.

Use a Deodorizer with Dura-Blue

Dura-Blue is Walex’s new, improved, non-staining dye that lasts longer in heavily used units. While the primary function of a dye like Dura-Blue is not odor control, it is a visual indication of the presence of a powerful deodorizer. The deep blue color that withstands the high traffic of the busy summer months not only gives the impression of a clean and odor-free unit but also helps mask visual signs of waste, which can be psychologically reassuring to both users and your customers.

Offer an Extra Service or an Extra Unit

During peak season, portable restroom usage can significantly increase, which might require more frequent servicing to maintain cleanliness and odor control. Providing an additional service or even adding extra units can be a proactive approach to managing increased demand. Offering these additional services can enhance customer satisfaction and contribute to a positive brand image, encouraging repeat business and referrals from happy customers.

By implementing these strategies, you can ensure your units remain fresh, functional, and customer-friendly throughout the challenging summer months.