October 08,2020

How to Maximize the Performance of your Deodorizer

This year has tested all of us in ways we could have never imagined, and the Walex crew wants to help your business persevere through these times. We’re happy to provide you with deodorizers that, when used correctly, keep your portable toilet fleet fresh and clean—but we want to make sure you’re getting the most out of these powerful products. Use these tips to ensure you maximize the performance of your deodorizers.

Add enough water
Many people understandably believe that the solution to foul-smelling units is to use more deodorizing chemical. But you might just need to use more water. To avoid odorous mounding, we recommend adding five gallons of water. If units are especially prone to mounding, add at least seven gallons. Water is the vehicle that delivers the deodorizer to the waste.

Use the correct dosage
Walex offers multiple tiers of both our liquid and portion-control packets and tablets to give you the precise formula to meet your needs, which are determined by weather, traffic and frequency of service. For example, we offer our most popular drop-in, Porta-Pak, in Original, Express and Max. Regular Porta-Pak is effective in temperatures up to 90 degrees; we recommend Max for temperatures exceeding that. Max is also best for units located in heavy traffic areas like public park, a beach access, or a busy construction site. But no matter how heavy the traffic, units that are serviced daily, such as those at certain special events, don’t require excess deodorizer, because odor-emitting bacteria will not have had time to form.

Utilize accessories
Removing odors from your units goes beyond just what you put in the holding tank. Place a Walex Deodorant Disc anywhere in the unit to keep the air fresh. You can also keep the urinal odor-free with a Walex BRAVO Deodorizing Screen.

Change the fragrance
Walex offers liquid deodorizers in more than 25 fragrances, and we recommend switching fragrance every few months, because people become desensitized to fragrances over time.

Switch to drop-in packets
While Walex EZ-Squeeze Bottles make using our liquid deodorizers much easier, you’re still less likely to spill or overuse a drop-in packet. Choosing between liquid and packets depends on many factors, but if you believe you’re losing deodorizer to spillage or a lack of precision, we recommend switching to packets or tabs for portion control.

Clean the “sludge line”
While your service technicians might pump the contents of a unit, a line of residual waste remains in the tank, and if this “sludge line” is not removed, the unit will retain foul odors. We recommend spraying one of Walex’s powerful cleaning products and scrubbing the inside of the tank with a brush.

Walex wants to help your business succeed during these challenging times, and that means maximizing the performance of your deodorizer. If you have more questions, call 800-338-3155 and one of our sales managers will be happy to help you.