July 01,2020

Products to Help You Winterize Correctly

Before you put your RV in storage after the last trip of the year, you need to winterize it thoroughly. Otherwise, when you take it out next spring, you’ll face many issues, from mechanical damage to foul odors. Walex, the odor control experts, can help you with the latter.

Campers generally use three Walex products to winterize: Commando (black tank cleaner), Elemonate (grey tank cleaner), and Odor Absorber (air freshener). Here is how we recommend using these products to winterize.


Commando – Black Holding Tank


  1. Empty the tank and rinse it out
  2. Drop one Commando packet in
  3. Fill with water above the sensors
  4. Allow 12 to 24 hours for the powerful enzyme formula to penetrate the residual waste caked to your tank walls and sensors and thoroughly lubricate your valves and seals. Then empty again.


Elemonate – Grey Holding Tank


  1. Drop one Elemonate tablet into your sink drain
  2. Run your faucet for a few seconds to dissolve it
  3. Wait 24 hours to allow the enzymes to dissolve any grease and organic sludge and freshen your holding tank. The tablet will release a fresh lemon scent.
  4. Empty the holding tank to prevent freezing.

After you’ve winterized the rest of your RV, you can place an Odor Absorber inside to keep the air fresh throughout its time in storage. Odor absorber is a gel product, infused with a layer of charcoal, that eradicates and absorbs odors. When you open the container, the formula goes to work, neutralizing odors for up to 60 days.

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