June 18,2020

Get rid of grey holding tank odors with Elemonate

When it comes to preventing RV holding tank odors, you might focus on treating and cleaning your black holding tank, which contains water flushed from your toilet. But your grey holding tank, which captures water from your shower, kitchen sink and bathroom sink, can also emit foul odors, due to food waste and grease that often slips down the drain.

Walex’s grey holding tank treatment, Elemonate, is a rapid dissolve tablet that uses enzymes to dissolve grease and organic sludge that accumulates in the tank and drain lines. Not only does Elemonate destroy odors, but it also gives off a fresh lemon scent. And because the tablets are pre-portioned, you don’t have to worry about measuring or spilling; just drop it in.

Find Elemonate at premium RV dealerships worldwide.

Hear from our customers:

★★★★★  “Easy and Fast”
“No need to measure out 8 ounces of liquid from a 32 ounce jar of holding tank treatment. These are a loosely formed briquet that smells “lemon fresh” and you simply drop one into the sink, run a little bit of water over it and that’s it. It melts down really fast and coats your drain pipes on the way down to the holding tank so that the whole system gets refreshed and deodorized. We like them well enough that we have now set up a recurring order and they ship some to us every few weeks.”

★★★★★  “Helps freshen your grey water tank”
“I like how simple this product is to use…you simply put a tablet of Elemonate in your sink, run some water on it til it washes down the drain, and it goes to work. I usually perform this operation before a trip so the chemical gets to work while I am using/filling the grey tank…in my experience, it does freshen your gray tank.”

★★★★★  “A must-have!”
“One of the best items I started buying for my motor home. We used to get a smell well driving. For a very long time we thought is was a sewer smell from a black water. It turned out someone suggested it could be from our gray water. So I got a package of these. They work amazing and no more smell.”