September 10,2020

September Special: 20% Off Urinal Screens

Now through September 30, get 20% off BRAVO Urinal Screens, the most powerful urinal screens on the market.

Enhance your restrooms with our powerful BRAVO Urinal Screens and instantly eliminate lingering odors are their source! Take advantage of this incredible special that your customers will be sure to appreciate!

  • 6 Long-Lasting Fragrance Options
  • Deodorizes for 30+ Days!
  • Eliminates Odors
  • Splash Reducing Nodules
  • Patented Shape & Translucent Design
  • Saves Time & Money
  • VOC & LEED Compliant


A fresh, modern take updates an old standard from laid back to lively.




This sweet, tropical scent of mango leaves you daydreaming of an island get-away.






This refreshing fragrance is ripe with the invigorating scent that’ll send your positivity soaring sky high.



Spring Fresh

Add a comforting scent and light, spring freshness that’s unmistakably clean.



Summer Spice

The scent of cinnamon fills your restrooms with the welcoming impression, and feelings of genuine warmth and comfort.




A rich bouquet perfumes the air with vibrant florals and positive vibes.