September 09,2020

Five tips to creating a home office in your RV

If you’re working remotely now, why not create a home office in your RV and see the world at the same time? If you already own an RV, it’s just a matter of converting part of the living space to an office, so here are five tips to creating the most comfortable, functional office-on-wheels.

Create multi-purpose spaces
When you’re working with limited square footage, you need as many creative, versatile areas as possible. Some RVs are designed with home offices, so if you haven’t purchased your RV yet, you can look for one of these. But chances are, you’re looking at incorporating a home office into an existing space. One of the most common renovations is to convert the dinette to a dual-purpose area for eating and working. For inspiration, check out this series by Technomadia, which shows how 13 different RVers created custom home offices to fit their various professions and lifestyles.

Prioritize ergonomics
One of the main reasons we recommend multi-purpose spaces is that you can create a workspace with proper ergonomics. You could simply set up your laptop on your dinette table or bed, but your neck and lower back will suffer over time. Make sure you have a chair that supports correct posture, and that your table allows your computer monitor and keyboard to sit at the right height.

Plan for movement
You’ll be parked while you’re working, but make sure your home office setup will survive a bumpy road. Bungee cords are great for securing your computer and other delicate items. Any hard drives you use for digital storage should be solid-state rather than a disc drive. Solid-state drives don’t have any moving parts, so they’re much more resilient to jostling.   

Stay connected
You need internet on the road, and you shouldn’t plan to tether multiple devices to your smartphone’s personal hotspot for eight hours a day. Personal hotspots drain your phone’s battery. Even if you have an unlimited data plan, your connection will be throttled as the hotspot is used for long periods or by multiple devices. Instead, many carriers offer a separate mobile hotspot tool to connect several devices and have internet anywhere cell service is available.

Keep your workspace pleasant and fresh
RVs are relatively tiny living spaces, so your new home office will be located just feet from your kitchen sink and toilet, and the holding tanks that connect to those drains—and you’ll be sitting there for eight hours a day. But don’t worry, because Walex created an entire product line specifically designed to eliminate odors in tiny spaces. We make powerful, easy-to-use toilet and kitchen sink deodorizers, charcoal-infused odor neutralizers, and long-lasting air fresheners. Just visit your local RV dealer and stock up before you hit the road for your next adventure!