April 22,2021

Special Events Product Checklist

Renting units at an outdoor event? Here are the products you need to keep your units clean and odor-free.

Special events are returning, but with new, heightened sanitation requirements. Walex has expanded our sanitation product line to meet these needs. Call us at 800-338-3155 to stock up on these products.

  1. Deo-Disc: Portable air fresheners that eliminate tough odors for up to 30 days. Place one inside each unit to provide even greater odor control.
  2. Sanibet Disinfectant: EPA-approved, broad range disinfectant. Simply spray it on high-touch surfaces, no rinse required when used as a spray.
  3. Hand Sanitizer: Walex now offers three types of dispensers—foaming, Deb, and gel—and refills for each.
  4. BRAVO Urinal Screens: Adding a urinal screen is a great way to make your unit feel professional and clean. BRAVO Urinal Screens have a patented shape for superior fit in all urinal styles, and they are available in six fragrances.
  5. Whether you prefer liquid or drop-in deodorizer, Walex has you covered. Our liquid is available in refillable EZ-Squeeze bottles, which have volume measurements and a squirt top to facilitate easier, more precise use. Our best-selling drop-in is available in Porta-Pak Express, a lighter dosage that’s perfect for special events.