Commando now available in recyclable packaging

After debuting recyclable packaging for Bio-Active Septic Tank Treatment in 2021, Walex is now packaging its black holding tank cleaner, Commando, in the same eco-friendly material.

Walex plans to transition several more of its RV/Marine product line to recyclable material in the coming years. The effort is part of an eco-friendly initiative extending to the product formulas; all of Walex's RV/Marine products comply with the country's most stringent environmental standards.

Recycle your Commando bag in a plastic bag recycling bin located at many retail stores, including Lidl, Target, Walmart, and Wegmans. To recycle, ensure the package is clean and dry before placing it in the bin.

The new recyclable bags are stamped with a seal from How2Recycle, an organization that aims to clarify the recycling process by standardizing instructions and labels. According to, the bag material can be made into synthetic lumber for decking, park benches, or recycled directly into another bag.

Can I use regular toilet paper in my RV toilet?

If you’re new to RV life, you’re also new to the world of RV products. As you stock up on necessities for your adventures, you’ll notice a specific RV and Boat toilet paper, and wonder if this RV toilet paper is necessary. This toilet paper is designed to rapidly dissolve because while TP flushed down a regular toilet moves through your pipes into the sewer system, TP flushed down your RV toilet gets stored in a holding tank. The fewer solids that end up in the tank, the easier it is to empty it thoroughly at a campground dump station.

The downside of RV toilet paper is that it is more expensive than regular toilet paper. And it’s not entirely necessary to spend this extra money if you use particular holding tank deodorizing products.

Two of Walex’s drop-in deodorizers, Bio-Pak and Commando, contain an enzyme designed to digest and break down toilet paper. Bio-Pak is a weekly drop-in that comes in two fragrances: Alpine Fresh and Tropical Breeze. Commando is a more robust black tank cleaner meant to be used every few months to destroy the residual waste and paper accumulated on tank walls over time. This build-up can interfere with sensor function, which means you won’t know how full your tank is. Commando also fixes this issue, lubricating valves and restoring sensor function.

For more information on Bio-Pak or Commando, call us at 800-338-3155. Happy adventuring!

Are holding tank treatments safe for septic tanks?

Certain holding tank treatments are more septic safe than others, so if you dump your RV holding tank into a septic system, you should know whether the holding tank treatments you use in the tank will harm the septic system.

Septic systems need healthy bacteria to function correctly because these bacteria help break down waste. Some sanitation products contain ingredients that control odor by stopping bacteria growth, which would harm a septic system over time.

Walex’s Bio-Pak controls odor using natural enzymes. Enzymes are substances produced by a living organism that acts as a catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction—these enzymes in Bio-Pak digest odor-causing waste and paper.

Because these enzymes are compatible with the existing bacterial microflora in the septic tank, they actually aid digestion and keep the system. Bio-Pak is also formulated with enzymes to directly manage tank and septic malodors emanating from sulfides and amines, including ammonia.

So, if you frequently dump into a septic system, you should use Bio-Pak. If you’re still unsure which of our sanitation products are best for you, call us at 800-338-3155.