How do I keep my RV’s grey holding tank problem-free and odor-free?

Maintaining your RV's grey holding tank is essential to ensure that your RV's plumbing system is working correctly and to avoid any unpleasant odors or backups. Here are some steps you can take to maintain your RV's grey holding tank:

Use the Right Chemicals.

There are a variety of chemical treatments available for RV holding tanks. It is important to choose a product, like Elemonate, that is designed specifically for grey tanks. Walex chemists designed the Elemonate formula specifically to break down grease, food particles, and soap scum in the tank and prevent odors. Elemonate also contains a lemon fragrance that leaves sinks and drains smelling fresh.

Avoid Certain Items.

While it’s hard to avoid getting a small amount of grease and grime down the drains, it’s best to avoid putting certain items down the drain: grease, food scraps, coffee grounds, and paper towels. These items can clog the tank and cause problems.

Dump Regularly.

It is essential to dump your grey tank regularly, depending on how often you use it. It is recommended to dump it every three to four days if you're using it regularly. If you're not using your RV as often, you can go longer between dumps. Leaving water in the tank for too long can cause bacteria growth and unpleasant odors. When you dump, empty the black tank first, then the grey tank. The grey water helps flush out any solids left in the hose from the black water.

Rinse the Tank.

After dumping your grey tank, it's a good idea to rinse it out thoroughly. You can do this by filling the tank with water and then dumping it again. You can also use a tank cleaning wand to reach the hard-to-reach areas of the tank.

Monitor the Tank.

It's a good idea to keep an eye on the level of your grey tank. Most RVs have a monitor that displays the level of the tank. If you notice that the tank is getting full, it's time to dump it.

By following these steps, you can maintain your RV's grey holding tank and keep your RV's plumbing system in good condition.





De-Winterize with Elemonate and Commando

For some RVers, spring means de-winterizing the RV and planning summer travels. De-winterizing should include a deep cleaning and maintenance check-up to ensure the rig is in top shape for that big summer adventure. If cleaning inside the black and grey tanks to eliminate any residual odors seems daunting, use a product formulated with powerful enzymes that do the work for you.

Walex's Black Tank Cleaner and Grey Tank Cleaner

Walex makes enzyme-based cleaners: one for your black tank cleaner called Commando, and one for your grey tank cleaner called Elemonate. These products are pre-portioned drop-ins, meaning no measuring or spills. Drop one portion in the corresponding tank, add water, and let the formula go to work.

Commando easily cleans the black holding tank.

Commando Black Holding Tank Cleaner is an easy-to-use quick-dissolving packet filled with a super-concentrated, scientifically natural enzyme formula that cleans tank walls and sensors and lubricates valves and seals. Residual waste caked to the tank walls creates foul odors and false sensor readings.
A malfunctioning sensor is one of RVers' most frustrating issues because they don't know when to empty their tank. One packet of Commando cleans the tank and restores sensor function in as little as 12 to 24 hours—no agitation or scrubbing required.
Walex recommends the preventative use of Commando every three months to help keep the black tank in good working condition.

Elemonate freshens and cleans the grey tank & drain lines

Elemonate is a grey holding tank treatment that prevents clogging and foul odors with the latest technology in quick-dissolve tablets. It uses the same odor-control formula found in Porta-Pak Holding Tank Deodorizer plus special enzymes.
The Walex R&D team designed the formula to deodorize and dissolve the organic sludge that accumulates in the grey tank from sink and shower use. The natural enzymes dissolve grease and break up fat and food particles in grey tanks, garbage disposals, dishwashers, and drain lines.
Elemonate also contains a fresh lemon fragrance. Continued use keeps tanks and lines free-flowing and odor-free.
To order Commando and Elemonate, dealers should contact their distributor of choice, and RVers should visit their local RV dealership.
Happy Adventuring!

How to get rid of stubborn RV odors

The most obvious culprit of odors in your RV is your black holding tank and toilet, so most RVers invest in a premium black tank deodorizer like Porta-Pak. But sometimes odors still linger, requiring odor control products that either work differently or target other odor sources. Walex is the global leader in odor control and offers a complete range of these types of products.

Odor Source: Grey Holding Tank
Product: Elemonate

An RV's grey holding tank is often overlooked as a potential odor source because it simply captures water from sinks and the shower. However, that water contains dirt, grease, and grime, which, over time, can form an organic sludge that breeds bacteria. Elemonate is a grey holding tank deodorizer that contains fresh lemon fragrance and natural enzymes that destroy build-up in the grey tank. Drop one Elemonate tablet in the sink and turn on the faucet for a few seconds to let it dissolve.

Odor source: Mildew, garbage, dirty laundry
Product: Odor Absorber

Tight spaces amplify foul odors, so keeping RV interiors smelling completely fresh is tricky. Odor Absorber is a gel product infused with a layer of charcoal that eradicates and absorbs odors. It keeps working for up to 60 days. Many RVers place one inside their garbage bin, under the sink, or around other potential odor sources.

Odor source: Black tank pyramid
Product: Commando

Sometimes, the reason for black holding tank odors is not a lack of deodorizer but a lack of water. Without enough water in the tank, solids pile up and get caked to the tank walls and sensors. This build-up creates residual odor and causes sensors to read incorrectly. Commando is a lightly-fragranced drop-in packet containing a powerful cleaning formula. Fill the tank with water and drop one packet in. The outer lining dissolves, releasing enzymes that attack and liquefy solids, cleaning the tank walls and sensors. Commando works without agitation in 12 to 24 hours (although you can leave it in longer).

Whatever the odor source, Walex has a product to eradicate it. Call 800-338-3155 or visit your local RV dealer for details.

What do enzymes do in my black tank?

Many enzyme-based RV and Marine holding tank products are available, but they aren't all of the same quality. So how exactly do enzymes benefit your RV holding tank? Keep reading to find out.

Enzymes are proteins that help speed up chemical reactions, such as the breakdown of solids. When released into your RV black or grey holding tank, enzymes immediately start digesting the waste and paper inside the tank. This action helps prevent clogging and facilitates easier dumping when the tank is full. It also helps control the odor-causing "poop pyramid" from forming.

Another benefit of enzyme-based deodorizers: they eliminate the need for special RV toilet paper. Often RVers purchase single-ply RV or septic-safe toilet paper to avoid clogging. However, enzyme formulas such as Bio-Pak, are powerful enough to digest normal toilet tissue.

Walex offers a range of higher quality, quick-acting, enzyme-based products. The most popular of these are Bio-Pak, Commando, and Elemonate. Bio-Pak is a black holding tank drop-in deodorizer and digester. Commando cleans and restores black holding tank walls and sensors; and Elemonate, a grey holding tank deodorizer.

You can pick these products at your local RV dealership. Happy adventuring!

Can I use Elemonate in my home sink too?

Elemonate is a deodorizer designed for an RV's grey holding tank—the tank that collects water from your shower and sinks. The quick-dissolving tablet not only smells lemony-fresh but also contains digestive enzymes that attack odor-causing organic sludge.

You may have a few extra Elemonate tablets left over from your last trip and wonder whether you can use them in your home. Even home sinks, shower drains, and garbage disposals can emit foul odors due to grease, greywater, and food scrap residue.

The good news is you can instantly freshen up your kitchen sink with Elemonate. Use it the same way you would in your RV. Drop it into the sink and run water over to dissolve it. The lemon fragrance and enzymes will coat the inside of your pipes, eliminating odors. Not only will Elemonate not harm your pipes, but it is also safe for your septic system. It deodorizes using natural enzymes that are completely septic-safe.

Happy adventuring!

The 4 products you need to keep your van or RV clean & odor-free

The four products that will keep your RV free from odors, grease and mess

With the wide variety of RV cleaning and deodorizing products, deciding which ones you need for your travels can be a daunting task. We’re here to simplify your shopping with four products that will tackle every potential odor source in your RV.

For deep cleaning: Green Hornet

Space in an RV is limited, so a 3-in-1 cleaner and degreaser is a must-have. Green Hornet combines the RV industry’s three most common product needs: rubber roof cleaner, awning cleaner, and black streak remover. It’s available in a ready-to-use spray and a super-concentrate, making it even more versatile because you can dilute it based on your cleaning need.

For deodorizing the black holding tank: Bio-Pak

The most obvious odor source in your RV is your toilet, so you need a powerful, easy-to-use black tank deodorizer. Bio-Pak is both a deodorizer and a digester. It contains enzymes that break down waste and paper, so you don’t need to use special RV toilet paper! Bio-Pak is also septic-safe and environmentally friendly.

For deodorizing the grey holding tank: Elemonate

Your grey tank might be less scary than your black tank, but it’s still a major odor source in your RV. Your sinks and shower drain into your grey tank, and without a deodorizer, organic sludge can build up over time. Elemonate contains enzymes that break down the grease, grime, and sludge. Plus, it emits a fresh lemon fragrance. It’s easy to use; simply drop one tablet in your sink and run water over it for a few seconds to help it dissolve.

For eliminating airborne odor molecules: Odor Absorber

Even after cleaning with Green Hornet and deodorizing the most apparent odor sources, you might still need to freshen the air, especially if you’re traveling with pets or you cooked a fragrant meal the night before. Simply peel back the label on Odor Absorber, and it goes to work immediately neutralizing odors in the air. It can freshen a space up to 300 square feet for up to 60 days. Odor Absorber is a gel product infused with a layer of charcoal, which traps and eradicates odor molecules. This product is perfect if you’re sensitive to fragrances; it’s available in lavender and orange twist, but the scent is very light.    

RV-ers Test & Review Walex Products

We love when RV-ers call or email us with honest feedback after using our products. We get a lot of positive reviews, which is great, but we also value constructive criticism because it helps us improve existing products or introduce new products to the market. Here's a fantastic, detailed review we recently received. If you're currently using Walex products, tell us what you think! Call 910-371-2242 or email RV sales manager Tony Butler.

Charles uses Porta-Pak, Bio-Pak and Elemonate. Here's his experience with the products so far:

Hi Tony, I wanted to follow up with you on our winter and spring camping experiences with Walex products in our two RVs. 

Our continued winter experience with bio-pac in our holding tank for our travel trailer was excellent, no smells and good breakdown. I was concerned that the cold temps would inhibit essential bacteria growth and hinder breakdown, but all was well!

In our small off-road pop-up camper’s cassette toilet, the porta-pac kept smells very manageable, but I do think that the bio-pacs do a better job in the cassette toilet as well for odor management. I was concerned that the small cassette tank would not afford enough time for the essential bacteria to work, but bio-pac seems to have performed well at breakdown and superior in odor management. 

Now that the temps are warming up, I will keep tabs on changes in performance characteristics. Our small off-road camper turns in a hot box in the summer when we close it up for the day to go hiking, etc. I will be curious to see if we need to switch to porta-pac for that one. Of course, I will follow up with you on that.

The elemonate did remove the tendency for grease to buildup on our dump valve, which is a huge plus. I noticed that change on first application. However, the sensor in that tank still wants to stick and I have no idea if that is a sensor issue, or a grease / containments issue. Do you think two tablets would be better, or maybe a time in tank issue? We typically have to dump the galley gray every other day. I do use elemonate every dump cycle. 

I hope my info and feedback helps and my goal of giving you all a year of real world feedback will conclude at the end at the summer. It has been a fun side camping project for me and we all gain in the end. I will let you know how things go over the summer we wrap it up and see what we learned!