May 26,2020

Bio-Pak Offers a Powerful Biocide-Free, Environmentally Friendly Holding Tank Treatment

As the world becomes more conscientious about protecting the environment, it’s essential for RV dealers to offer environmentally friendly alternatives for the increasingly eco-conscience RV user. Using more eco-friendly products isn’t necessarily synonymous with using an inferior product. Natural enzyme-based products like Bio-Pak, made by Walex Products Company, Inc., offer many alternative benefits to using entirely chemical and biocide-based products.

What is the definition of an enzyme? – A substance produced by a living organism which acts as a catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction.

How does it work? – Enzyme holding tank treatments accelerate the break- down of organic materials in waste while also helping to neutralize foul odors. Enzyme holding tank treatments help to digest paper and waste to allow for a more efficient and fluid dumping process.

Environmentally Friendly – With many regulatory changes on the horizon across the country (California in particular), properly working enzyme-based products like Bio-Pak offer a solution that is formaldehyde-free, biocide-free, bio- degradable, and septic system compatible.

Sensor and Tank Cleaning – Holding tanks are a messy part of RVing, but they don’t have to be if using the correct type of product. Bio-Pak offers the breakdown of waste and paper with no need for special toilet paper. The advanced enzyme formula rapidly digests residual waste build-up on tank walls as well as waste and paper that may build up on the sensors. Using Bio-Pak regularly will help keep your tank healthy and clean. It will also lubricate valves and seals.

Septic System Safe – Often RVers may not be informed on where their waste goes after dumping the holding tank. In this case, it would be wise to use an enzyme-based product like Bio-Pak if there is a possibility of dumping into any septic system. These enzymes help with the proper digestion and keep the system healthy because they are compatible with the existing bacterial microflora in the septic tank. Bio-Pak is also formulated with enzymes to directly manage tank and septic malodors emanating from sulfides and amines, including ammonia.

Portion Control – The beauty of using a product like Bio-Pak is having the power of portion control. Knowing you can throw in one quickly dissolving, water-soluble, odor control packet in the tank helping to freshen up the RV is a huge bonus in a small area. It’s simple – just drop it in and, one packet will treat up to a 40-gallon tank.

Odor Control – Having an odor in a confined living space can make for unpleasant trip or vacation. It’s important to use a holding tank product that will provide not only superior digestion but also have excellent odor control. Often odor can be from residual build-up on the tank walls. Breaking down the wall waste build-up with a strong enzyme-based holding tank treatment will help to keep those foul odors from creeping up into the RV. Bio-Pak currently comes in two powerful fragrances, Alpine Fresh and Tropical Breeze.

Hearing from satisfied customers is the best form of advertising. A Bio-Pak customer, E. Quinn states, “GREAT environmentally-friendly replacement for harsh chemicals in my RV black & grey water tanks! I have been very pleased with how this product worked for me – dissolved solid waste really well, and I had no odors from my tanks at all.”

Bio-Pak is manufactured by Walex Products Company in Wilmington, N.C. Dealers can order Bio-Pak from their distributor of choice.  Walex products are available at premium RV and Marine retailers world-wide.