June 16,2020

Planning a vacation in 2020? Three reasons to make it an RV trip

Since the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, we’ve watched many aspects of our life change, including the way we travel. The typical vacation that includes airline flights, hotel lodging, restaurant dining and other mass entertainment might not be feasible for awhile, and even if it is, many people will be reluctant to embark on such a holiday.

There is one type of trip for which social distancing is not only possible, but an inherent part of the experience: RV travel. Your recreational vehicle can take you anywhere and contain everything you need. If you’re new to RVing and considering planning an RV trip, here’s why 2020 is the year to do it.

Greater flexibility

It’s hard to plan a trip not knowing what attractions will be open to the public, and at what capacity. But the mobile nature of RV travel means you’re less committed to a specific itinerary or destination. Say, for example, that you plan to kayak at a beautiful lake only to find out the week before that the boat ramps have closed. You can fairly easily reroute your trip, because all you really need is a spot to park your camper.

Peaceful solitude

For many, the appeal of an RV trip is trading in the bustle of everyday life for peaceful solitude. Since the pandemic outbreak, solitude is the norm. There are no big shows to attend, no summer concerts to watch, and no athletic events experience or take part in. But rather than mourn the loss of these stimulating social outings, embrace the feeling you get from quiet time spent in nature. It might be a different kind of thrill, but you’ll still find excitement sitting around a campfire with close family or cooling off in a mountain stream.

No stress over mass transit, lodging, and dining

Even if we do our best to avoid large gatherings of other people, we could still contact germs on frequently touched surfaces. Many pre-pandemic vacations involved countless brushes with such surfaces, such as a taxicab door handle, a hotel lamp, or a restaurant menu. Rather than packing bottles of hand sanitizer and obsessively wiping down every surface, you can travel, sleep and eat in the safety and comfort of your recreational vehicle. You will need to pack the right products to sanitize your own germs, but that’s where Walex comes in. Our sanitizing and deodorizing products are both easy to use and effective at keeping your RV fresh and clean throughout your next vacation. Give us a call at 800-338-3155 or purchase wherever RV products are sold.