Planning Your First RV Trip? Read These Tips Before You Hit the Road.

The RV market has grown incredibly this past year, with more people working remotely and seeking safe travel methods. It's easy for new RV owners to get caught up in the excitement of striking out on their maiden voyage and forget a few crucial steps that ensure a successful RV trip. Here are some general tips to keep in mind before you hit the road.

Make sure everything is secure before you start driving.

After you've packed everything up and you're ready to leave, take 10 minutes to walk around your RV and check that all the exterior elements are tied down and collapsed correctly. Then walk through the inside and make sure any kitchen appliances, chairs, and other movable items won't go tumbling the first time you put your foot on the brakes.

Read up on relevant regulations.

Make sure you know exactly where you're allowed to dump your black and grey holding tanks. Places, where you can empty your tank, depends on various factors, from the products you use in the tanks to your state's rules. Check out this blog post, which covers the topic thoroughly.

If you plan to camp somewhere besides a designated RV campsite, make sure you know the local rules about boondocking or staying overnight in a parking lot. And while boondocking—staying in a primitive campsite without hookups—can seem like the ultimate off-the-grid adventure, we recommend getting some RVing experience under your belt before trying it.

Don't leave home without deodorizers!

We know we're biased, but holding tank deodorizers might be one of the most essential items to pack on your RV trip; without them, you're in for a smelly ride! Choosing the right deodorizer for your needs is also necessary. Our customers tend to opt for the drop-in packets because they're pre-portioned and mess-free. You can choose from two formulas: Bio-Pak and Porta-Pak (read more about the differences here). Walex also makes a deodorizing tablet called Elemonate for your grey holding tank, a tank that holds water from your shower and sink faucets. 

Setting out on your first RV adventure is a thrill, and with these tips, we hope it will also be a success. Happy Adventuring!