Limited-Time Spring Cleaning Bundle

Get your units ready for the busy season. Save when you bundle our most popular cleaning products.

Bundle includes:

One bottle of Chlorine Tabs

One 5gal Urinal Cleaner

One 5gal Green Hornet Cleaner/Degreaser

One 5gal Fab Lav Cleaner

One 5gal Banish Graffiti Remover

1 tub of Commando Holding Tank Cleaner

$675 value NOW $472.50!

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Freight not included in price. Offer available through May 31. Customer can purchase multiple bundles but no substitutions. 

The 5 Essential Products New Portable Restroom Operators Need

Starting a portable restroom business is a venture that promises growth and opportunities, particularly in today's dynamic event and construction landscapes. However, newcomers to this industry often face the initial challenge of optimizing their startup budget, focusing on acquiring only the most essential products to ensure operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Understanding this, Walex presents a tailored selection of five products designed to meet the core needs of new PROs, ensuring a smooth kickstart to your business with cost-effective solutions.

Premium Deodorizer

Central to any portable restroom operation is deodorizer, which ensures an odor-free and hygienic environment for users. Walex offers both liquid and packet options, catering to various operator preferences. New PROs can benefit from the versatility of liquid deodorizers, which come in multiple strengths and fragrances, or the convenience of pre-portioned packets for ease of use and consistent dosing. Many factors play into deodorizer selection, but all Walex deodorizers use advanced odor control technology and the longest-lasting dye on the market.

Powerful Graffiti Remover

Combating graffiti is an inevitable battle for PROs. Banish Graffiti Remover is your best defense against unwanted scribbles and marks. This powerful cleaner effortlessly removes paint, markers, and other substances, restoring the restroom's appearance without damaging surfaces. Banish also helps prevent future graffiti by leaving a protective coating on treated surfaces. Its easy application and effectiveness make it a must-have for maintaining the visual appeal of your portable restrooms and keeping them inviting for users.

Versatile Cleaner

Cleanliness in portable restrooms extends beyond odor control. Walex offers five cleaners: Banish Graffiti Remover, Green Hornet Cleaner/Degreaser, Fragrance Spray Washdown Cleaner, Urinal Cleaner, and Fab Lav. Many PROs eventually invest in all five because each formula is designed to tackle a specific issue. A new PRO, however, should start with Green Hornet because it tackles the widest variety of cleaning jobs. The industrial-strength cleaner & degreaser easily removes everything from dirt to grease to stubborn stains. Its biodegradable formula ensures safety for the environment while delivering unmatched cleaning power. Whether used for deep cleaning or regular maintenance, Green Hornet ensures that surfaces are spotless, contributing to the overall hygiene and appeal of portable restrooms.

Elegant Fragrance Enhancer

An elegant fragrance enhancer adds an extra boost of freshness, significantly enhancing the atmosphere of portable restrooms and leaving a lasting positive impression on users. Walex's most popular fragrance enhancers are Deo-Disc and BRAVO Urinal Screens. Deo-Disc is a compact, powerful air freshener that can be strategically placed within the restroom to continuously combat odors, providing an additional layer of scent control. BRAVO Urinal Screens target two key issues: odor control and splashback. The patented design fits any urinal, maximizing drain flow and emitting an elegant, long-lasting fragrance. Especially for PROs just entering the market, choosing one of these fragrance enhancers offers an affordable way to gain an edge over the competition. 

Hand Sanitizer

In today's world, providing hand sanitizing options is non-negotiable for ensuring user safety and promoting hygiene practices. Incorporating hand sanitizer stations or dispensers in and around portable restrooms encourages users to sanitize their hands, effectively reducing the spread of germs and enhancing overall public health. Walex offers a full product line of hand sanitizers, including alcohol and non-alcohol options in both foaming and gel formulas.

Starting a portable restroom business with a focus on essential investments can pave the way for future growth and success. By selecting these five core Walex products, new operators can assure their customers of a clean, pleasant, and hygienic portable restroom experience, thereby solidifying their reputation and operational foundation in the competitive portable restroom industry.

Introducing Dura-Blue, a dye that withstands heavy use and hot temperatures

When it comes to pleasing your portable restroom rental customers, perception is essential. Even if a unit remains odor-free between services, if a customer peaks into the holding tank and doesn't see that deep blue dye, they believe the deodorizer is gone. 

The latest innovation from Walex is Dura-Blue, an enhanced non-staining color that will last longer in overused holding tanks where pH shifts are common. All Walex liquids and Paks now use Dura-Blue.

The addition of Dura-Blue does not affect the cost of Walex products, nor does it negatively impact the wastewater treatment plants. 

Contact your account manager for more information. 

John Marcucci - 910-443-1493

Ellis Hartley - 910-619-5599

Brian Bost - 910-200-1740

Brian Rooney - 910-859-4619

A comprehensive guide to choosing a deodorizer

Selecting the best deodorizer to use in your portable restroom or restroom trailer holding tank is crucial. You service your units regularly to create a superior impression, but deodorizer is the agent that works around the clock to preserve that environment. Keep reading to discover which deodorizer will set you apart from the competition.

Know your options

There are many types of deodorizer from which you can choose: liquid or pre-portioned drop-in, different chemistries (formaldehyde-based, formaldehyde-free, or natural), and various formula strengths. Many factors influence your decision: usage, climate, frequency of service, and even personal preference.

Traditional liquid or pre-portioned drop-in?

There are different benefits to liquid deodorizers and portion-control drop-ins, so choosing between them is often a matter of preference. The packets remove the guesswork from adding deodorizer because no measuring is required. And while containers like the Walex EZ-Squeeze Bottles allow greater accuracy when using liquids, you're still less likely to spill or overuse a drop-in packet.

One advantage of liquids, however, is the variety offered. Walex portion control drop-in packets are available in three strengths: Porta-Pak Max, Porta-Pak, and Porta-Pak Express, while Walex liquid deodorizer is available in nine varieties—three formaldehyde options and six formaldehyde-free choices. Liquids can also be made in any of Walex's 24 fragrances, whereas packets only come in certain fragrances.

Formaldehyde-free or Formaldehyde-based?

Liquid deodorizers are available in two chemistries: formaldehyde-based and formaldehyde-free. Walex's line of liquid deodorizers includes three formaldehyde-based products (PT-615, PT-600, and PT-60 Pre-Mix) and six formaldehyde-free products (PT-50 Supreme, Endure, Advantage, Contender, PT-500, and Pre-Mix).

In our industry's early days, formaldehyde was the main odor-eliminating ingredient in deodorizers. However, some states have since banned formaldehyde, so Walex's research and development team created equally effective formaldehyde-free deodorizers.

Formaldehyde-free products control odors for a longer period of time. If you tested the products side by side, formaldehyde would be more effective initially, emitting a powerful chemical odor. But because it is gas, it will evaporate after three to six days, depending on temperatures. The formaldehyde-free products continue providing odor control longer using the modern technology developed by Walex R&D chemists, and they’re safer to use.

What strength of product do you need?

The final decision you must make is the product concentration to order, which depends on your climate, usage, and frequency of service.

If you're in a hot climate or your units get heavy usage, the best drop-in is Porta-Pak MAX, a potent formula with 50% more dye, 50% more odor control, and double the fragrance of the original Porta-Pak. Your best liquid options are PT-50 Supreme, Endure, PT-615, or PT-600.

If you're in a warm climate or your units get moderate usage, choose Porta-Pak for your drop-in or Advantage or Contender for your liquid.

During the cold winter months, you could switch your drop-in to Porta-Pak Express, a smaller dose of formula. You can stick with Contender for your liquid or choose a ready-to-use product like PT-500.

Porta-Pak Express is also an economical option for outdoor events where units get heavy usage but are serviced daily.

When in doubt, opt for a more concentrated formula. The benefits of investing in odor control far outweigh the relatively small cost increases.

If you still have questions about which deodorizer best fits your needs, the odor control experts at Walex are here to help. Give us a call at 910-371-2242.


How do I get rid of the black tank pyramid?

A black tank pyramid refers to the buildup of waste and paper in your RV's black holding tank, and it can put a significant damper on your RV travels. Waste buildup fills your RV with foul odors and is a pain to remove—without the right products. Here's how you can prevent a pyramid from forming or eliminate one if it does.

Don't leave your black tank valve open when you're hooked up at a site.

If you allow your tank to drain gradually, the liquids will pass through while the solids build up in a solid pyramid. To thoroughly dump the contents of your tank, you need the assistance of gravity. Keep the valve closed until the tank is 2/3 full, and then dump it. 

Use an enzyme-based deodorizer.

Enzymes digest waste and paper, so using a deodorizer with powerful enzymes will keep the contents of your black tank from solidifying. Walex's Bio-Pak is an enzyme-based formula contained in a rapid-dissolving water-soluble packet. When flushed down into the tank, the enzymes go to work immediately, breaking down buildup and deodorizing in the process. 

Use an enzyme-based black tank cleaner.

If you suspect a waste pyramid has formed in your black holding tank, you need to use Commando. Commando's innovative formula is packed with enough enzymes to restore your black holding tank to good-as-new, no scrubbing or agitation required. Not only will it liquefy the waste and paper, but it will clean tank walls and sensors, restoring the accuracy of your sensors. Here's how to use it:

  1. Empty your tank, rinse out any chemical residue, close your dump valve, drop one Commando packet into the toilet, and flush
  2. Then fill your holding above your highest sensor or completely full. 
  3. Leave it in for a minimum of 12 hours. Commando is formulated to work in as little as 12 to 24 hours for those in a hurry, but it will not hurt your tank to leave it in longer, several days, for more stubborn holding tank issues or clogs. 
  4. Empty your tank. Rinse again. You can now add your deodorizer, refill with 1.25 gallons of water for every 10 gallons of holding tank capacity and continue using the toilet.

You can use Commando to destroy existing buildup or preventatively every three months to control buildup from forming.

Happy adventuring!

Restroom Trailer Product Checklist

Have you added luxury restroom trailer rentals to your business? Not only is it important to purchase the right trailer, but it's critical to use the right products to ensure your trailer creates a positive impression of your business.

Having the right products in your arsenal will make your restroom trailer look and smell brand new, boosting your brand image and elevating you over the competition.

P-Trapper: Waterless Urinal Odor Control

Trap seal liquid that immediately eliminates odors in waterless, no-flush urinals, providing long-term odor control in restroom trailers.

Bravo Urinal Screens: Fragrance Enhancer

Keeps urinal smelling fresh for up to 30 days with strong fragrance release and bacteria action that deodorizes & cleans urinal & drain.

Bio-Pak: Black Tank Deodorizer

Enzyme-based drop-in that deodorizes black tank and digests solids, preventing clogging and build-up. Eliminates spills.

Ovation: Fragrance Enhancer

Commercial-strength air fresheners that can be hung anywhere to fight odors for up to 30 days. Ideal for women’s side.

Porta-Pak: Black Tank Deodorizer

Best-selling drop-in packet that deodorizes black holding tank, eliminating spills and keeping restroom trailer smelling fresh.

Urinal Cleaner

Spray on urinal to remove calcium deposits, restoring trailer’s urinals to like-new condition and eliminating foul odors.

Commando: Black Tank Cleaner

Enzyme-based drop-in that cleans trailer’s black holding tank in 12-24 hours, no agitation required. Restores tank to like-new condition.

Banish: Graffiti Remover

Effectively removes markers, paint, pen, grease, tar, crayon, dirt and calcium build-up, improving trailer’s appearance.

Fab Lav: Cleaner

Multi-purpose cleaner with a pleasing lavender fragrance guarantees trailer interior looks and smells fresh and clean.

Grey Water Liquid: Deodorizer

Great for shower trailers; controls grey holding tank odors caused by soap scum, skin, saliva, dirt and lint.

How to clean your restroom trailer holding tank

Quick and easy restroom trailer holding tank cleaning method

Clean your restroom trailer holding tank without agitation or scrubbing

In many areas, outdoor events are back in full swing. That means your restroom trailers are probably getting a lot of use and might be in need of a deep cleaning. Walex makes a product that cleans restroom trailer holding tanks without agitation or scrubbing.
Commando is an enzyme-based product that liquefies waste and paper. Simply drop one Commando packet into your holding tank and fill it to the brim with water. The water-soluble outer lining of the Commando packet dissolves immediately, allowing the enzymes to go to work digesting the sludge and waste build-up. After 12 to 24 hours, empty the tank. That’s it!
If you haven’t tried Commando yet, call us right away!

Urinal Screens Vs. Blocks

Both urinal blocks and urinal screens are effective urinal deodorizers. Choosing between them can be a matter of personal preference, so here's a rundown of both products.


  • Last up to 30 days
  • Emits a steady fragrance
  • Patented shape and design fits in all urinal styles
  • Maximizes drain flow and reduces splashing
  • Available in 6 fragrance
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Biodegradable


  • Lasts up to 7 days
  • Activated by heat/usage
  • Dissolves gradually with usage
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Biodegradable

If you have any more questions about whether screens or blocks are right for you, give us a call at 910-371-2242.

Recognizing our hard-working team this Labor Day

Labor Day is an occasion for honoring the American worker. Walex is proud to have a team of more than 60 dedicated workers at our facility just outside of Wilmington, North Carolina.

Our diverse and talented staff spans multiple departments. We have Ph.D. chemists who ensure Walex is on the cutting edge of product development, experienced sales managers supported by a knowledgeable customer service staff, and a hardworking production team that fulfills orders accurately and efficiently.

We've come from humble beginnings—our father/son co-founders, Bob and Bill Williams, created the first Walex product in their kitchen four decades ago—but we've grown significantly. We are now the number one supplier for portable sanitation, waste treatment, and odor control products in commercial and consumer applications.

We develop, manufacture, and ship products globally to more than 80 countries. We have been a respected supplier to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Olympics in Beijing, Carnaval in Brazil, RVs in New Zealand, buses in Mexico, portable toilets at construction sites worldwide, merchant ships in Spain, movie sets in Canada, coffee fields in Colombia, World Cup soccer matches, and in the Panama Canal expansion project.

But we don't just want to celebrate our Walex workers; we want to honor the dedicated customers we serve. We might not be the most glamorous industry, but you all work hard and don't shy away from a tough job.

To you and every other American worker, thank you.

Special Events Product Checklist

Renting units at an outdoor event? Here are the products you need to keep your units clean and odor-free.

Special events are returning, but with new, heightened sanitation requirements. Walex has expanded our sanitation product line to meet these needs. Call us at 800-338-3155 to stock up on these products.

  1. Deo-Disc: Portable air fresheners that eliminate tough odors for up to 30 days. Place one inside each unit to provide even greater odor control.
  2. Sanibet Disinfectant: EPA-approved, broad range disinfectant. Simply spray it on high-touch surfaces, no rinse required when used as a spray.
  3. Hand Sanitizer: Walex now offers three types of dispensers—foaming, Deb, and gel—and refills for each.
  4. BRAVO Urinal Screens: Adding a urinal screen is a great way to make your unit feel professional and clean. BRAVO Urinal Screens have a patented shape for superior fit in all urinal styles, and they are available in six fragrances.
  5. Whether you prefer liquid or drop-in deodorizer, Walex has you covered. Our liquid is available in refillable EZ-Squeeze bottles, which have volume measurements and a squirt top to facilitate easier, more precise use. Our best-selling drop-in is available in Porta-Pak Express, a lighter dosage that's perfect for special events.

Walex Offers Three Drop-in Strengths to Meet Your Needs

The level of deodorizer you need varies depending on your climate

Walex makes drop-in packets for mild, moderate and hot climates as well as light, moderate and heavy usage

Walex introduced drop-in deodorizers to the portable sanitation industry three decades ago. Now, the company offers its innovative Porta-Pak Portion Control Deodorizer in different strengths for different situations.

Some portable restroom operators prefer liquid deodorizer to portion control packets because liquid offers more precise control over the amount of product used. Walex's R&D department developed the different Porta-Pak strengths to give PROs more flexibility within the mess-free portion-control system.

All three Porta-Pak strengths—Original, Max and Express—are formaldehyde-free, biodegradable, and made with non-staining EVERBLUE color.

Porta-Pak Original is a good option for most climates and conditions. Just drop one Porta-Pak into the holding tank and add water.

Porta-Pak MAX is the industry's most potent holding tank deodorizer, designed for heavy traffic and hot climates. The MAX formula contains 50 percent more color, 50 percent more odor control, and double the fragrance of the original Porta-Pak.

Porta-Pak Express is a cost-effective option for mild climates and special events or multiple servicing jobs.

The seasons are changing, so make sure you have the correct strength of Porta-Pak for your climate and conditions. Call 800-338-3155 and we'll help get you exactly what you need.

New Deb products added to Walex sanitizing product line

Walex is now selling four Deb products, in addition to the rest of our hand sanitizing products.

Proline Curve Dispenser

The Proline Curve dispensers are for use in a variety of workplace environments. These dispensers are universal, in the case that they can be used with a number of the SCJ Professional product lines.

  • The small Proline Curve dispensers are for the 1 liter cartridges (available in a number of different colors and designs)

Deb InstantFOAM™ Non-Alcohol

InstantFoam™ Non-Alcohol is an foaming hand sanitizer solution for areas where flammable or alcohol-based products are a concern, making it the ideal hand hygiene product for schools, prisons, or health institutions. The foam formula provides user with control of the product, allows for more handwashes than liquid products and contains skin conditioner to prevent dryness.

Deb Refresh™ Azure FOAM

Where to use: Washroom areas in offices, education, daycares, and public facilities

  • Signature Fragrance – modern Fresh Apple fragrance with caring, pleasantly fresh and clean notes to elevate the washroom experience
  • Specially Formulated with one of the Mildest Preservatives – using milder preservatives reduces the risk of skin irritation
  • Remove >99% of Dirt and Germs – just a single pump to deliver highly effective skin cleansing when used properly
  • Biodegradable Formula – this formula and each of its carbon-containing ingredients will rapidly decompose into simple, non-toxic substances in 28 days or less in accordance with OECD301F standard
  • Contains Skin Moisturizer – helps prevent drying and leave the skin feeling smooth after use

Deb InstantGEL™ Hand Sanitizer

Where to use: Ideal for use in any work environment or public area where a higher level of hand hygiene is required: offices, schools and public facilities

  • Ethanol-based gel that sanitizes without water – ideal for killing germs when water is not readily available
  • Pleasantly perfumed – lightly perfumed to help motivate compliance
  • Contains skin moisturizer – helps improve hydration and prevent drying of skin